Underwater Movie Review – A fairly good option to warm up

There is no outstanding movie this week. Luckily, only the movie Underwater seems to be fine to watch in theaters. The overall rating of me about this film is not too good but enough to attract you to sit until the last second of the movie. Let’s see Underwater with me to see if anything is interesting.

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Underwater Movie Review

Plot: The film is about a drilling rig in a deep seabed that has an accident that causes many of the employees working below to die. Mechanical engineer Norah and some others, who are lucky to survive, must find a way to escape the sinking rig. However, their journey is not easy because, at the end of the sea, many strange monsters are lurking in their mouths. Will anyone be able to return alive or not? Go to the theater to check right away.

Duration: 95 minutes

Directed by: William Eubank

Actors: Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick

Origin: America

Genre: Horror, adventure, drama

Premiere: January 10, 2020

It must be said that I love the straight to the point storytelling of the film. Only in the first 5 minutes we already know what the film is about, don’t need to spend time talking about the relationship or personality of the members on the rig. So, viewers easily feel the drama of Underwater, while being swept away in the film’s plot and immersed in the escape for the lives of the main characters.

In terms of the horror genre, the movie is not too scary, partly because the death scenes or depictions of monsters were a bit too fast and dark, making it difficult to follow. In addition, in the jump-scare scenes, the sudden intimidation is a bit low and predictable, so it cannot make the audience scream in the theater. However, I noticed that some weak-hearted men sitting around also had to hold their chests worriedly several times.

The content of Underwater is not too good, easy to predict, and somewhat fictional. The development is long, but not enough to reach the climax, due to its illogic and fast transitions. The appearance of monsters is a bit reluctantly arranged, accidentally making the film less natural and authentic. Underwater’s motive is too familiar, so the content of the movie is not too interesting for those who often watch movies.

Although only a brief mention, Underwater also conveyed the message of the consequences that humans will suffer as we increasingly destroy nature for our benefit. The end of the film also caused many people to argue since, on the one hand, it was a noble sacrifice to protect fellow humans, but it also meant the destruction of another species so that the destructors could survive.

That this movie is combined with the movie Aquaman would be incredibly amazing. The images of the monsters in this movie have something similar to that of The Seven Seas King of DC. Humans dare to destroy and kill Aquaman’s pets, if the movie has part 2, they will be skewered like a fish by him. I was just kidding, but the possibility of this movie being successful in making a sequel is relatively low.

Underwater is also very “clever” when the main characters range from many races and genders, so when we watch the movie, we will learn a lesson that the way too girly women and those who are useless are the last to survive. Injustice! so I gave 6.5/10 for this section.

Visual part: I do not appreciate the visuals of the film very much, although Underwater has performed quite well in the panorama of this escape on the seabed. The reason for the feeling is because in general, the film is quite dark, many scenes look a bit fake, and especially, the image of the monsters is purposely minimized. This is understandable because Underwater is just a B-class film in Hollywood and the scene is on the seabed, so if it’s too bright, it will be a bit weird.

As mentioned above, the film’s scares are not very effective, so it is not very accurate to classify this as a horror film. In addition, I also feel the Intro part of the movie is a bit long and annoying for viewers. Does anyone have the same feeling as me? I assess the visual part of another 6.5/10.

Sound: This part of the movie appears to be a little bit better. Although the movie does not have an impressive soundtrack, the explosions, crashing noises or the screams of monsters also make the audience feel and immerse in the film much better. In terms of the sound, I will rate it 7/10.

Acting: Actually, I am not impressed with the cast of the movie. In addition to the girl who loves vampires – Kristen Stewart who has the most highlights in the film when playing the role of the engineer Norah, the other actors are quite fuzzy, although they have quite a lot of screen time in the film. I also mentioned two characters of way too girly and useless in the above section, but in fact, these 2 actors have too few expressions and look very amateur. I gave 6/10 for this part.

Assessment scale:

  • IMDB: 6.3 / 10 (1,144 reviews)
  • Metascore: 49/100
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 53/100 (rotten tomatoes)

In short, Underwater is an acceptable movie at the moment with a dramatic and a bit interesting plot taking viewers on a deep-sea adventure. The movie still has many weaknesses and absurdities and is not too scary for you to scream in theaters. At the beginning of the year, there weren’t any really good movies coming out so it’s fine to watch this movie for warming up.

Film Credits

Underwater (2020)

95 minutes


  • Kristen Stewart as Norah Price
  • T. J. Miller as Paul
  • Vincent Cassel as Le capitaine
  • Jessica Henwick as Emily


  • William Eubank


  • Brian Duffield


  • William Eubank
  • Adam Cozad
  • Brian Duffield


  • Brian Berdan
  • Todd E. Miller


  • Bojan Bazelli

Original Music Composer

  • Brandon Roberts
  • Marco Beltrami

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