Moviereviews.to will bring you the review of TENNET – A movie that will force you to use all your brain capability.

The real blockbuster in 2020 – Tenet by the incredible Christopher Nolan has officially hit the box office! The film will take us around the world and play with time.

But more than that, let’s dive into this good movie in 2020 to see what Nolan has brought to his audience and fans.

IMDB: 8.2 / 20 (18,599 reviews)

Metascored: 69/100

Rotten Tomatoes: 80/100

Main content:

Tenet is a story about a CIA spy nicknamed The Protagonist (the main character) recruited by a secret organization for the mission of saving the world from World War III. Accompanying him in this mission is Neil – a white spy with shady whereabouts. To begin their mission, they look to the world’s most dangerous arms dealers to discover the origin of the strange phenomenon that has happened recently.


Tenet is not an entertaining movie simply because the feeling of watching the movie is very intense and it contains a lot of information and happens at an extremely fast pace. But the more confusing something is, the more curious and more attractive it is. Therefore, Tenet in particular and Director Nolan’s previous works, in general, are praised by his fans as well as film fans, simply because it is too complicated, showing vision and passion for the science of Christopher Nolan.

The concept that Tenet gives viewers in this film is the Inversion of the timeline. At this point, most of us start to be injected with the concept of “reversing” the timeline but will feel both understandings but not understanding, thinking that we grasp the core of the problem but through the scene. others have to say ‘what the hell am I watching’. There hasn’t really been a movie that has done this since the beginning of the year, most of which is too predictable. But thanks to this, we want to go to the movie for the second, third time and sometimes many more times …

Besides the beautiful picture, the vivid sound that creates a good sense of suspense, the content is what keeps us glued to the screen because if you just miss a minute of attention, you will no longer understand. What’s more, because Tenet’s film progress is super fast, with lots of dialogue and continuous action, viewers can’t take their eyes off the screen but have to watch continuously as well as receive information from the movie without being distracted (somehow like college entrance exams).

Before Tenet hits theaters, many people believe that this is a sequel to Inception (2010). However, when watching the movie, it is certain that these two films are about two completely different topics and there is no connection between the two movies, these are two separate movies.

With the huge amount of information that the movie brings, we will be really confused because we do not know what the film wants to convey. However, what Tenet wants to aim for is that the impact of things in the present will bring about unpredictable consequences in the future. In addition, similar to his other films, Nolan also incorporates a left-hand love story into Tenet’s main film plot to portray the humiliation and pain that a woman suffers from brute men who like to possess.

Tenet still has certain weaknesses. Certainly, viewers will feel like the director himself is confused in the script he wrote himself. The film does not have any explanation for the viewer to understand the working principle of the inversion concept, thereby making those who watch entertainment movies become discouraged and leave in the middle.

Tenet also has a lot of gaps left open that have not been satisfactorily resolved, the movie’s too fast pace is one of the factors that make the viewer feel helpless between the different timelines and spaces that the film traces out. The film’s antagonists and protagonists still have no depth, no separate story to develop. Most of them just fulfill their role. Tenet characters are not strong enough to impress the moviegoers.


Tenet’s image is very good. The color combination, macro, and close-up angles are all calculated, giving us new experiences better than Nolan’s previous films (the action genre is not a strength of this director). The most interesting part of the image is that the phenomenal scenes are reversed with the arrangement of details meticulously, considering every smallest detail, thereby combining together into an impressive and astonishing total.


There is no Hans Zimmer, but at the hands of Ludwig Göransson, Tenet adds a layer of perfection with classic soundtracks but is re-created to give the music in the film a very touch of the future. As for the noise, the movie will definitely make you extremely satisfied with the vividness, authenticity, and vibrancy.


Tenet revolves around four main characters: The Protagonist (John David Washington), Neil (Robert Pattinson), Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), and Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh). The feeling is that their acting is full of completion, but not impressive enough to mention them and people immediately think of Tenet. However, it is hard to deny the handsomeness of the two agents in the movie and the height of 1m9 and the nobility that Debicki created.


In a nutshell, Tenet is a blockbuster that was dropped into good movie theaters in 2020 after nearly six months of stoppage due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. However, this is probably not a suitable movie to watch alone because it contains a lot of information as well as many brain-twisting theories so it would be great if we go with friends. The film is also for those who really like Nolan’s filmmaking as well as scientific stories filled with “brain hacking” in the script Nolan wrote. And this movie cannot be watched once, get ready to hit theaters for the second time to fully understand the movie!

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