Joker are bringing you the review of Joker: Chaotic, Crazy and Complicated

DC’s solo film about the infamous villain brings to the silver screen a story that no one has ever dared to think of: “Dark, violent, and crazy ”- the Joker is a journey that takes people to the definition of pure evil, to touch the Joker’s evil soul and then leaves us alone with our feelings.

Joker is the name of a movie released in October 2019, depicting the past of “The Prince of Crime” – an enemy of Batman. Director Todd Phillips’ work gives a bold explanation of the Joker’s origins while separating this character from Batman. The movie Joker (2019) has many violent details and is especially impressive thanks to the haunting acting from lead actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Set in Gotham City in the 80s, Joker tells a story about a pitiful man named Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix). Despite his uncontrolled laughter and poverty with the responsibility of caring for an old mother, Arthur still dreamed of becoming a comedian on stage. His idol was the host – comedian Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro).

In order to make a living, during the day Arthur disguised himself as a clown, went to perform in hospitals or on the street. But fate was tantalizing, pushing him on a tragic path.

The story has never been told in Gotham

Despite appearing on comic books and screens for a long time, the origin of this criminal clown to the audience is always a mystery. Except for a few episodes of comic or cartoon, Joker’s past has never been told seamlessly. He only appears as a pure villain, his job is always to oppose Batman and lose to prove that good always wins over evil.

Todd Phillips doesn’t think so. Standing in front of a character familiar with a mass audience, the filmmaker decided to choose a risky path. Not only did the Joker build a complete past, but the Joker filmmaker also removed the presence of Batman so that this story was just Arthur Fleck’s own.

The choice of making a standalone movie about the Joker after having so many actors succeed with this character (Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson …) was a commendable thing for Todd Phillips. However, many details in this 2019 Joker movie were too dark and deep (typical features of DC), sometimes a bit too arranged. Overall the film has gone deep trying to find a plausible explanation for the Joker’s madness, on a path that raises painful questions about people’s place in society and moral limitations. In this regard, the movie Joker (2019) is relatively well done, although it is not as good as other films of the same theme as Taxi Driver or The King of Comedy.

It’s a one-man movie, but success comes from one team. Cameraman Lawrence Sher gave us 80’s Gotham stifling, claustrophobic atmosphere, sharp frames showing the ruin of a city. The fidgety passengers in the subway, the sticky streets filled with garbage and sewage, the black buildings filled with exhausted people, all were filmed in the dim light. The brightest, ironically, is a psychiatric hospital.

Convincing acting by Joaquin Phoenix

To play the role of Arthur Fleck (Joker), the American actor had to undergo a severe weight loss in a short time that made him almost crazy. In addition, Joaquin Phoenix has to study a lot of documents on political criminals, mentally ill people, people with uncontrollable laughter … If we have been used to his face for a long time, we would all know. Phoenix is ​​strong enough to complete all these missions.

It was one of the most talented actors of the decade. His devotion, excellence, and years of experience have brought an unprecedented image of the Joker on the screen. Only the grin, waves of laughter like laughing his head off of Arthur Fleck, but a second after that, he can change facial expressions also shows us how big the investment in character is.

Through Phoenix, we learn more about this villain, understand how he turned from being a gentleman, and always tries to smile into a murder, a criminal, a terrorist like what we know.

It is difficult to analyze the weight of Joaquin placed on the character of the Joker without revealing the content of the movie, but it can be said that once again, this star has proved the excellence that many Hollywood juniors today can not reach. However, it seems that the role of Arthur Fleck is still quite gentle for Joaquin when he has not reached the peak level as in The Master (2012) or Her (2013).

There is a danger in Phoenix’s performance and Todd Phillips’ script is that the plot construction is so sensible that it doesn’t rule out the possibility that some viewers will feel more or less sympathetic for the character. Here the question of whether the film really promotes violence and encourages people to harm each other is raised. This is difficult to answer, especially when both Phoenix and Todd expect the audience to watch and give their own opinion.


With many people coming to enjoy a piece of entertainment, chances are the Joker movie isn’t for you. For those who believe in brightwork with a humanistic message, this is even a more unsuitable choice for you to enjoy. “Dark, violent and crazy” – the Joker movie is the journey that takes people to the definition of pure evil, to touch the Joker’s evil soul and then leaves us alone with our feelings.

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