Joker Analysis are please to bring you the review and analysis of the movie: Joker (2019)

Duration: 120 minutes

Director: Todd Phillips

Actors: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz

Country: USA

Genre: Psychology, crime, drama

Premiere: 06 / 10/2019

Joker is a name that is too famous and familiar with popular culture through the comic, movie, and television publications and not to mention Heath Ledger’s god role in The Dark Knight (2008). This Batman’s villain – number 1 enemy was created nearly 80 years ago, but just mentioning the Joker, one still has to spend a lot of praise for him.

This year, the private film about the background of the Clown Prince was officially released in theaters, bringing a multitude of mixed opinions, criticism, or badness from critics and moviegoers. Now, let’s review and explain the Joker movie (2019) to have a more multidimensional view of this cinematic work. This article will also have a 2-part structure, the first part is the review of the movie (does not disclose the content of the movie) and the second part is an explanation of the movie (spoil offline). You should consider the option before reading.



The Joker introduces viewers to a young Arthur Fleck with his dream of becoming a monologue comedian, living with his frail old mother in a ramshackle apartment building and making a living by playing roles of a clown. Inherently suffering from a neurological disease, life is always experiencing misfortunes and Arthur’s belief in people gradually disappears every day. Therefore, Arthur has changed, became crazy, and officially became the “Prince of crime” of Gotham – Joker.

Reading the plot summary like above, then spoiling all the content, right? In fact, the plot of the movie is just that simple and through the 2 trailers of the movie, we can completely read all the things that Addicts review summarizes above. Although the content is just that, the beauty of the film is to exploit the small details in this main plot to clearly portray the inner and psychological transformation of the Joker as well as leave countless questions for people. see.

The questions mentioned above are not brain-hacking style, but it will cause confusion for the viewer. Not to mention that the cinema version in many countries was cut off by 3 scenes due to the content of violence and the promotion of crime, making this confusion increased. This is the result of the producers skillfully structuring the film into layers of interlocking time out of order so that extreme surprises and daze will come to the audience as each shell is completely ripped apart.

The reason the film chose such a structure is that the film is essentially the perspective of Arthur, a poor guy who loses faith in life, feels like he doesn’t exist. Therefore, there will be delusions, better wishes from his own eyes beside a harsh naked reality that Arthur is experiencing. Therefore, you really need to be patient and focused on when watching this movie otherwise all you experience in 2 hours will be really dragging, boring, lack of climax, and entertaining action.

The division of praise for the Joker (2019) mainly comes from two factors. The first is that the content of the film is inherently very simple, inclined to portray the corruption of Arthur’s ego in the most ordinary way, without any superhero, magic, and power elements like the current movies. now or so, so the entertainment of the movie will be very low for many people. On the contrary, anyone who feels the film circuit and especially has been battered by life a few times will only reflect one sentence: “Good film”.

The second factor responsible for this divergence is the promotion of violence and the praise of evil. We have complete sympathy and pity for Arthur’s grim fate but undeniably the Joker is still an evil villain with his own philosophy. However, in the end, the movie is just a work of art, a mirror, reflecting the reality of life, so worrying about the Joker (2019) will bring negative thoughts and effects. to really socialize and personalize the problem, because looking at the bad, we can also know that it is not good to avoid, but not to imitate and follow.

Going back to the plot of the film, actually, Joker (2019) was inspired and grateful to many classics of world cinema, but the film still has its own quality. The reviewer personally felt that the film has a very strange charm, no effects, explosion, just the life story of an American man in the ’80s but makes it difficult for the audience to take their eyes off the screen. every 1 second.

Reviewers also do not want to compare the Joker (2019) and Joker (2008) in The Dark Knight because the context and story of the movie are completely different. Do not expect too high on this movie, do not expect it to be a conspiracy movie full of interesting philosophies. Instead, the movie is just the story of his life “Chi Pheo” in Gotham City only.

We also do not want to compare the Joker (2019) and Joker (2008) in The Dark Knight because the context and story of the movie are completely different. Do not expect too high on this movie, do not expect it to be a conspiracy movie full of interesting philosophies. Instead, the movie is just the story of his life as a freak in Gotham City only.

The beauty of cinema is to bring emotions to the viewers. For the Joker (2019), it was not funny (there are some funny details), not tears because of love, but it was a daze, surprise, and confusion in mind. when finished watching. The meaning of the film will be felt by each person and the good or bad will be judged by each of us. Particularly for reviewers, the film’s plot deserves 8/10.


Set in the ‘80s in the US, Joker (2019) has an incredibly beautiful image. Each angle, color, and lightly put on the screen are calculated and selected very artfully and pleasantly. The color of the film is as beautiful as the movie Blade Runner 2049 and John Wick (2019), which truly shows the character’s mood and intentions in the film context.

The gore phases also look very naked, but compared to Deadpool 2, The Joker (2019) is much lighter, because the film does not have too many actions and killing scenes. I believe that if the 3 scenes cut in the cinema version are still preserved, surely the horror, cruelty, and appeal of the film will increase a lot. This section is addicted to the review of 9/10.

Sound: This part of the movie is also excellent. The sound of the movie has something that is both ghostly, crazy, painful, and happy to be liberated in it. Old European and American music songs are also extremely delicate and suitable, making viewers think that this article was written for the movie Joker (2019) or why is it suitable? Enjoy reviewing the 8.5 / 10 dot for the sound of the movie.


It is true that everyone agrees that Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck / Joker really deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. He carries 80% of the film content on his shoulder and seems to have completely transformed into the character with nearly 24kg reduction to bring an impressive Arthur image with pain, madness, and happiness radiating from

Sometimes Joaquin acting a bit exaggerated but put in the mentality of such a person, completely acceptable. Arthur’s laugh is really what makes the audience remember this character forever because it is extremely strange and haunting. The other actors are all veteran actors in the American film industry, so the acting of the film is hard to criticize. So, join the review of 9/10 for the Joker’s acting (2019).

Assessment score:

• IMDB: 9/10 (189,222 reviews)

• Metascores: 58/100

• Rotten Tomatoes: 69/100 (Fresh tomatoes)

In short, the Joker (2019) is really a fascinating psychological film and surprising everyday life. If you expect the Joker in this movie to be as smart as the Joker in The Dark Knight or the movie will have many explosions, fights, and battles, you really should not watch this movie. Go see the Joker (2019) like going to enjoy a real movie, do not expect too high, just calm down, I believe you will have 2 hours in the theater full of fun.


In this section, the reviewer will first summarize the film’s content so that you really understand what happened in the movie, then I will work with you to find out how to answer some of the questions posed. in the movie. This part is spoiled for the content of the movie, anyone who has not seen it but accidentally read it is trying to suffer asthma

1. Summary of the film The

the film opens with Arthur sitting in front of a mirror with a clown face, trying to smile but his eyes tear tears, showing that even though he wears a cheerful mask on the outside, but he has never felt truly happy.

Next, the film brings viewers to Arthur’s daily work as he dances in front of the shop with a billboard inviting guests. The street buffalo children criticized his old shoes and then stole the sign from Arthur’s hands, luring him into an alley and hitting him because he knew that Arthur was very weak, would not have any resistance.

Arthur then went to see a community worker to hear advice about his illness as well as take a new prescription for himself. He has a brain injury, so he can’t control his laughter when he feels stress or emotional impact. That is why when he was scolded by the mother of the baby that he was trying to make fun of the bus on the way home, Arthur burst out laughing that he did not want, trying to stop it with his hand to avoid the strange gazes. and expressionless of the people of Gotham sharing the same bus with him. Today is like every day, everything is bad for him.

However, returning to the dilapidated apartment with his frail old mother was probably the time when Arthur felt the most peaceful. His mother still told him, as usual, before going home to check the mailbox for a reply from Thomas Wayne – the richest and most powerful man in Gotham at that time? His mother was the “Osin” for the Wayne family many years ago, so Arthur’s mother hopes that when Thomas learns of Arthur’s mother and daughter’s plight, he will help. However, the crate was still empty as usual.

Arthur brought her rice to eat and sat with her mother watching the mother and daughter’s favorite TV show hosted by MC Murray. Well, add to you that Gotham at that time, whether poor or rich, family members, everyone watched comedy shows on TV, to forget about the bad things that existed in a society like oh Infection, violence, injustice, poverty or class discrimination … People bring erotic stories, social stories or manipulate their own appearance and hot “weird” individuals “online. “To make fun of material. Sounds like “we” too much now, don’t you guys?

Return to the movie content. From a young age, the mother wanted Arthur to always be happy and bring joy to everyone, thus forming a dream in Arthur to become a monologue, full of humor and famous as MC Murray. Thus, Arthur idolized and even dreamed of Murray as his father (due to the lack of father’s love from Arthur since childhood). So, while watching the TV show with his mother, Arthur imagined himself watching Murray live and being noticed and praised by him and the audience at the set. He dreamed of embracing Murray and treating him like his son. A beautiful dream for a bad day for Arthur.

The next day, at the company HaHa – which provides amusing clowns for Gotham City and Arthur’s workplace, Arthur is trying to expand his cramped old clown shoe, on his back, there is still a lot. bruises from being assaulted by buffalo children the day before. His colleague Randall knew about it so he gave the 32-mm gun to Arthur and told him to keep it to protect himself.

Then Arthur was invited into the room by his boss to discuss a number of issues. The first is a shop claiming that Arthur took their billboard. Although Arthur has justified that the buffalo children beat and stole this sign, his boss distorted his belief and forced him to return the sign to his guests otherwise he would be deducted from his salary. The second problem is that many customers reflect that Arthur is very odd, especially his laugh makes many people feel uncomfortable. Another bad day for Arthur, he did not know where to discharge his inhibitions, so he had to punch and kick in the trash – which was overflowing in Gotham City and no one cared about it.

Arthur quietly returned home to meet the mother and daughter Sophie – the neighbor near his mother’s apartment. After a bad day, seeing Sophie smiling, interacting, and wishing me a good night, Arthur feels better and admits that she has feelings for me. The man after all these years, no one noticed, suddenly became more motivated to live. So the next day he followed Sophia, watching what she did every day, then dropped by a “tea room” to take notes and learn how successful the monologue comedians were. That night, Sophie knocked on Arthur’s apartment door, asked if Arthur followed her this morning, laughed happily, complimented Arthur with humor, and accepted the invitation to go see Arthur in a monologue.

The next morning, Arthur has a fun dance show in the children’s hospital for sick children here. Because of jumping to pulses, Arthur accidentally dropped the gun Randall gave to the amazement of the doctors present at that time. Received the news, Arthur’s boss cursed him like splashing water in his face, adding that Randall was waiting to make up a story about Arthur asking to buy that gun from Randall, making the boss even angrier and fired Arthur.

Unemployed, co-workers harmed, people shunned, Arthur was like a soul on the subway back home. Onboard the train at that time, there were three office workers working for Wayne Corporation who were teasing a young girl. Arthur wanted to help but could not do anything, feeling overwhelmed, so his mouth suddenly popped up, causing unwanted laughter. The girl left, and the 3 staff members had itchy eyes to bully and beat Arthur.

Pressed to the end, Arthur immediately pulled the gun in his body, shot and killed 3 scoundrels, and quickly ran away before what had just happened. He hid in the toilet, regaining his mind. However, somehow, at that moment, he was no longer afraid, tired, instead, Arthur started dancing as if celebrating his successful performance. Stepping out of the bathroom door, Arthur confidently walked and rushed straight to Sophie’s apartment, hugging and kissing her, ending a turbulent day for himself.

The next day Arthur happily packed up to quit his job at HaHa company. He then went to see a social protection worker get the medicine but learned that the city government has now cut down on social benefits because they simply don’t care about people like Arthur. Bored, but that night, Arthur was still present at the “tea room” Pogo to perform his comedy monologue and Sophie sat below watching him. Although at first nervous and worried, Arthur only knew how to laugh out loud, but then Arthur confidently completed his performance.

After the show, Arthur and Sophie went for a walk, talked, and dated. Arthur is extremely happy to see many people wearing clown masks walking on the streets. His killing of three rich men spread a trend among the poor, wearing a clown mask to protest against the unfair policies of the elite. In the end, a guy like Arthur didn’t even exist and started gaining the attention of the community.

Cheerful, happy to return home, Arthur accidentally read the letter his mother wrote to Thomas Wayne. At this point, he was shocked to learn that Thomas Wayne was romantically involved with his mother and that his father was the owner of Wayne Corporation. However, due to fear of gossip of the world, Thomas asked to break up, forcing Arthur’s mother to sign some commitments to keep this story private. Therefore, Arthur’s mother still writes letters every day and waits for a reply from Thomas, hoping that someday he will help them with some money.

Surprised but also very happy (because he finally knows who his father is), Arthur hastily took the train to the Wayne mansion. Here he meets Bruce Wayne – the only son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne – and also the Batman of his future. Standing outside the gate, Arthur watched his brother, living in silk velvet, but Bruce’s face was still so melancholy, so Arthur took his hand and opened Bruce’s mouth as if he was smiling when he saw his brother. At that moment, butler Alfred appeared in time and told Arthur that his mother had paranoia. There was nothing between Thomas and Arthur’s mother. Arthur tried to strangle Alfred in anger but found his brother was standing measuring his panic so he immediately ran away.

Returning home, Arthur found his mother lying in an ambulance due to a stroke. While Arthur met Bruce Wayne at home, two local policemen went to see Arthur’s mother ask some questions that provoked her. Arthur went to the hospital to take care of his mother, and Sophie was also there to encourage him. While he was alone with his mother in the hospital, the TV broadcast Murray’s program. Arthur was delighted that the clip he performed at the Pogo tea room was posted by Murray on the show, but was immediately thrown with a splash of cold water because Murray did not have to celebrate his comedy but instead, took the performance. to tease, to joke, to bring laughter to others. Arthur was deeply hurt by this.

The next day, Arthur sneaked into the convention center where the Charlie Chaplin comedy film was being shown by Thomas Wayne to raise money. Arthur meets Thomas in the toilet, confusing to accept his father, but Thomas refuses and talks about Arthur’s mother having paranoia, having been locked in Arkham asylum and there is no relationship between him and Thomas. Arthur laughed in pain and despair when Thomas threw a big punch in the nose, warning not to come near Bruce.

Arthur was completely shocked, so when he got home, he went into the refrigerator to avoid the sounds that rang in his head and alleviated the anger in his body, ignoring the two policemen calling to continue. investigate him. The next day he was called by Murray’s show to be a guest on the upcoming show because his comedy clip was quite excited by the audience. Arthur had another glimmer of hope in his life.

That morning, he took a bus to Arkham insane asylum to find his mother’s medical records. He was in extreme pain to learn that he was adopted by his mother and that his illness was caused by his mother letting her mistresses abuse him from a young age, tying him to the fireplace, brutally beaten him, and starving him. Malnutrition. The person he loves the most is the one who deceives him the most and turns him into a person who is shunned by the whole society now.

Walking in the rain to the old apartment, Arthur walked over to Sophie’s apartment. Sophie was startled when Arthur appeared and asked him to go home immediately. At this point, Arthur realized with a shock, how long Sophie’s concern with him had been only the product of his imagination. She hadn’t asked him to follow her since morning, didn’t come to see him in a comedian, didn’t kiss him the day he killed 3 people who deserved to die, didn’t date him, nor did he stay at the hospital to encourage him? At that moment, his delusions of affection for Sophie vanished. He walked out of the apartment and back to his house (he had probably killed Sophie before to dispel the illusion of love – which kept him from the good things of life).

The next morning, Arthur was present at the hospital, using a pillow to kill his mother (this scene was cut in the cinema version because the son killed his mother was not suitable for traditional customs). After that, he returned to rehearsal for the upcoming broadcast of Murray. Now, Arthur has nothing to lose, so he plans to perform a comedy show on television by drawing a gun to kill himself.

Arthur dyed his hair blue, drawing a clown face to prepare for his final role tonight. At that moment, Randall and Arthur’s short colleagues visit him to condolences on the death of Arthur’s mother. Randall was still afraid he was involved when the police investigated Arthur’s gun so he asked Arthur to agree to his testimony. Angry at Randall’s evil nature, Arthur stabbed Randall’s throat and eyes with scissors and slammed Randall’s head repeatedly against the wall to death (this scene was cut due to too violent).

Done with everything, he put on his suit and Joker’s face, dancing happily up the stairs to his apartment. However, he was soon chased by two policemen and had to flee onto a train containing masked clowns to protest at the city hall. A policeman accidentally shot and shot at a protester, so the two men were assaulted by mobs and sold to death. Arthur walks arrogantly to the TV station and asks Murray to introduce himself as the Joker.

Before being broadcast, Murray replayed the video recording of Arthur’s performance to parody, in Joker at that time something changed in his mind. On the broadcast, he originally intended to kill himself as planned but was constantly mocked by Murray and the crowd, from which controversy arose between him and the male MC about the distinction between rich and poor, Thomas Wayne’s ugliness, and even both Murray. At the peak of this, the Joker shot Murray to death on the spot in the panic of the audience at that time. He leaned closer to the camera, read the end of the program that Murray often said: Life is like that!

Due to the live broadcast, Gotham people could see the horrifying scene above, the crowd of protesters gained even more momentum. Joker was arrested on set and sent to the police station. Sitting in the car, he looked at Gotham in chaos and was overjoyed at the beautiful sight in his eyes. Suddenly an ambulance crashed into the police car, causing the police to escort him to death on the spot and the Joker unconscious.

Joker was placed on the cap of the police car by the protesters. Meanwhile, Thomas Wayne and his wife and children are watching a movie in the cinema, also hastily leaving due to the riots in the city. Three people walked in a small alley to get a car when a masked clown followed. He shot and killed Thomas and his wife in the horrified witness of Bruce. Joker awakens, dances, and rejoices in front of the crowd shouting his name.

At the end of the movie, Arthur was in handcuffs talking to a psychologist. He smiled and walked out of the room with bloodstained footprints…. What is the point of this scene, please read the next section for the answers.

2. Some of the questions raised in the movie

2.1. What does the ending scene mean?

This scene seems to be a bit contradictory with the movie circuit summarized by the reviewer mentioned above, but it can be divided into 3 assumptions for the ending scene as follows:

The first hypothesis, after the Joker dancing and rejoicing in front of the cheering crowds on the night of the riot, he was arrested by police and locked in Arkham asylum. He remembers Thomas Wayne being shot to death and Bruce – the younger brother (not sure if he is a brother), happily filled with silk and the love of his parents, is now in the same situation as he should. he laughed happily He killed the psychologist because she could not understand the joy in him right away. Joker is now officially a true killer.

The second theory, as soon as Murray was shot and killed on television, Joker was arrested and taken to Arkham as well. He imagined the prospect of on a pressure road, the Joker was saved and praised by the crowd, while Thomas Wayne and his wife were shot dead in front of Bruce. He laughed happily at the prospect and the killing of the psychologist is similar to hypothesis 1 above.

The third assumption, in fact, the entire story we watch from the beginning to the end of the film is imagined by Arthur. He was a psychiatrist at Arkham insane asylum, he drew stories about his life. It can be seen that the images of the social protection staff at the beginning of the film and the psychologist at the end of the film have quite similar looks, is this a copy and reimagining of Arthur’s mind. Besides, at the beginning of the movie we also see an episode where he sits with a social protection worker, she asks him how he feels between sitting out here and having a chat vs. being locked up in Arkham (yes A scene where Arthur is wearing a white shirt, in a white room, banging his head on the door similar to the scene at the end of the movie). This may be a hint to suggest that all is just Arthur’s imagination, he is still in Arkham, the fact that he is out, Meeting a social protection worker, being deceived by friends, mother, and lover is just a fantasy. He kills the psychologist because Arthur wants to be the Joker in his imagination.

However, if the third hypothesis is correct, then perhaps Arthur is not the Joker – the infamous crime prince of Gotham. The Joker could be anyone out there, more mysterious and mischievous as the version of The Dark Knight is waiting to appear.

2.2. Were Thomas Wayne and Arthur Fleck father and son?

A shocking detail in the movie is the relationship between Thomas Wayne and Penny Fleck – Arthur’s mother. Many opinions suggest that Arthur is not the son of Thomas Wayne, all just because Mrs. Penny is paranoid and painted. However, according to Nhien review, perhaps Arthur and Thomas are really father and son, for the following reasons:

+ Thomas Wayne is a man with money. Arthur’s mother looked “hot” when young, so the possibility of a relationship between the owner and the servant is entirely possible.

+ The fact that Thomas Wayne asked Penny Fleck to break up to keep his face was completely reasonable. Mrs. Penny also admitted that she signed several pledges to endorse that. With the power and money of Thomas Wayne, he can completely falsify a medical record for Penny and create an adoption record for Arthur himself.

+ In the Arthur adoption file, there is no information about Arthur, it’s really shady. Besides, Arthur’s childhood picture looks a lot like Bruce Wayne. When Arthur met Thomas, Arthur also said he looked like him

Maybe Arthur is the unwanted child of Thomas, so he rejected this child. The fact that some reports noted that Mrs. Penny let her boyfriend beat and abuse Arthur could have been arranged by Thomas Wayne, to avoid the public opinion hammer as well as to prevent questions about Arthur’s father.

When Arthur met the Wayne house butler Alfred, Alfred was also surprised and a little panicked as if it was a dark secret of his boss that Alfred is holding.

+ Photo of young Arthur’s mother on the back with the words confession and signature TW (Thomas Wayne). Many people say this is a paranoid mother inscribed, but I lean towards the hypothesis between Thomas and Penny actually having an affair.

Arthur laughs happily at the thought of Bruce being orphaned by both his parents, showing that he believes Bruce is his brother.

Oh, if this conspiracy theory is true then clearly the relationship between Batman and the Joker is really troublesome and there is a lot to exploit. It is true that the DC movie, just makes people worry about it.

2.3. Were Sophie and her daughter really killed?

Similar to the above, many opinions suggest that Arthur did not kill Sophie’s mother and daughter because he did not kill people, and those who hurt him, he would kill. According to the reviewers, Arthur killed Sophie’s mother and daughter on that rainy night with the following details:

+ Sophie indirectly hurt Arthur. She accidentally listened to him, making him only meet 1 second to miss her all his life. When she woke up in the dream, realizing she did not see Arthur as someone special, Arthur was suffering and wanted to end that hurt by killing Sophie.

The act of pointing the gunman to her head and staring at Sophie and she with all her panic signaled cruel thing would happen.

After going from Sophie’s apartment to his apartment, Arthur was smoking a cigarette when there was a loud siren of a police car as if he were entering that apartment to take over a case.

According to some sources, the original film (30 minutes longer than the theatrical release) shows Sophie being killed.

However, with the three questions mentioned above, the answer is no right or wrong, but according to the film’s director, everyone should just make assumptions and answer for themselves. Simply because the whole movie can be real or maybe it’s just Arthur’s imagination. Joker is always so, unpredictable, uncertain and his origin and background are always unknown. To understand the Joker, it is not just one movie that knows all.

3. Some interesting details in the movie

This section will take a look at some of the points that I find interesting in the movie (apart from the easter eggs that people have picked up a lot on the internet), let’s take a look:

+ Joker (2019) uses a lot of picture ladder image with the same meaning as in the movie Parasite – the parasite talks about dividing the rich and the poor. In addition, we can see that as Arthur, he walked up the stairs wearily, in awe and even fear, but as the Joker, being true to who he was, he went down the stairs. ladder happily, with extraordinary excitement.

+ The color of the film in the two above scenes is also completely opposite, when he was Arthur, the color was dark, the rain was sad, but when he was the Joker, the sunlight was as bright as his heart was cleared.

The Joker’s dance is learned from the mime actors, in my opinion, it has the meaning of “show-off”, introducing himself to the public. Also, if you notice, the Joker’s steps on the steps look a lot like when he gets frustrated, furious, and kicks his anger into the trash cans on the roadside.

+ Thomas Wayne in the film takes the image of President Donald Trump with style, hair, public speaking, and welfare reduction policies

• Arthur really has no sense of humor. His comedy performance is only average, not outstanding, not excellent, but because he wants to follow his mother’s teachings, he still pursues the passion that he is not really talented. In return, Arthur dances very well and his acting ability is quite good.

Other easter eggs such as links to related titles such as Taxi Driver, The King Comedy, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rise, Zorro, Batman v Superman, Pyscho, The Killing Joke, the killer clown Pogo…. You can find more on the internet. The song is too long, I just end here

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