Charlie’s Angels

16 years after Charlie’s Angels 2, part 3 of this action-comedy series has officially returned to the big screen. The film continues to bring audiences laughter along with impressive action scenes.

Charlie’s angels are one of the most awaited action blockbusters at the end of 2019 when they impress the audience with their cool trailers and beautiful, splendid, charming but also dangerous birth cast.

Movie content

The film takes place many years after the growing Townsend Agency is held, with many headquarters around the globe and angels are present all over the world. The film is about Elena – the invention engineer of a large corporation who invented an artificial intelligence product that can generate electric energy by itself. However, the product has not reached the perfection threshold, there are still flaws in the product that can take away the life of the person directly controlling and using the product, but the boss of Elena has concealed product vulnerabilities. and still, sell to customers. This caused Elena’s conscience to rise and she wanted to warn her clients of the possible danger.

Elena’s bold decision has led her to be pursued, but fortunately, she receives the protection of Jane and Sabina – Charlie’s angels, they both possess melancholy shooting skills and martial arts abilities. can’t be kidding Since then, the trio banded together and brought the audience an entertaining action movie.


In the first half of the movie, the script is built quite simply and predictable like many other action movies. However, by the end of the film, the rhythm becomes faster, more intense, and dramatic. Many sudden turns caused viewers to fall on their backs because it was far from the audience’s speculation. The details in the movie are closely linked, the elements of action, entertainment, and emotion are built together, bringing an interesting feeling and not boring when watching the movie. Especially the character Sabina will make viewers laugh out loud because of the hegemony speech, dumb actions, but extremely cute.

Compared to the previous two parts, the angels of Charlie this time have invested more in guns and ammunition, with super “babies” making both sides wary of each other. But not so that the director forgets the double-handed martial arts combat that has become the trademark of angels. As a result, the audience is enjoying a movie with stunning action, close-combat melee battles, which are beautifully cared for with the rolling screen of angels like men.

Actor and acting

The charming and beautiful trio of main actors works together very well on screen, giving the audience rich emotions. However, in the ability to transform into the character, there is not a small difference.

Kristen Stewart as Sabina almost weighs the whole film with good acting skills and the ability to transform into many different images. When she has a haircut, she is extremely strong and manly. But when the makeup gives viewers a girl when she is beautiful and feminine, sometimes charming and charismatic.

Naomi Scott as Elena and Ella Balinska as Jane are evaluated for her full acting. Both have segments to show off their acting skills very well. However, if compared with Kristen Stewart’s seniors, there are still many points that need to be learned more.

Sounds, pictures, and tricks

The scene of Charlie’s Angels was filmed in many different countries from Europe to America, so the audience will enjoy picturesque frames. Combined with good graphics processing, giving the audience an action movie that is attractive enough, especially the fire and explosion scenes are built spectacularly and very real.

The sound of the movie is rated quite well, many scenes with sound and noise take advantage of the surround sound system in theaters, but the number of such scenes is not much. In return, the music of the film is built very well with songs that are carefully invested through the performance of famous names in the world music industry today.

Although Charlie’s angels still have some shortcomings about the movie script, this is a good action entertainment suitable for stress relief after a tiring week.

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