After the first release date, there were many mixed opinions about the movie Cats, which was adapted from the Broadway musical.

Director Tom Hooper must have had dozens of bricks to bring back as Christmas gifts, when the work an adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats: Cats, was a real flop. The film is receiving a lot of disparaging comments from both professionals and moviegoers. The most obvious proof for the catastrophic end of Cats is the score of 17% on the film review page Rotten Tomatoes.

The negative comments and opinions about the movie have been appearing more and more since the first trailer of the movie was released. Cats’ first debut day also brought in extremely … “huge” sales with only $ 6.2 million. Actually, this is an extremely sad result after the efforts of the whole crew.

But this review by is not to disparage, but to defend this adaptation. Ignore the haters, ignore the disparaging comments, ignore the poor scores, and also the disappointing sales. On the off chance that you love music, you will adore the film. If you liked the choreography and the immaculate performance, you would love the movie. So consider this as a work to be enjoyed during the Christmas season, not too scrutiny.

The plot of Cats: 

Cats are extremely simple. Almost all the details in the poem Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by TS Elliot, published in 1939, are fully preserved. The little cat Victoria, played by bunch entertainer Francesca Hayward, was discarded in a back street in London. Before long, the feline was encircled by wild felines named Jellicles, and they presented themselves with the tune Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats. Members of this “gang” include Skimbleshanks, Jennyanydots, 2 thieves Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, the chubby cat Bustopher Jones and finally the warm-hearted Mistoffelees.

Victoria seems to have joined the ranks of Jellicles for a pretty good day. Deuteronomy, the goddess of the cats, is the organizer of the annual party called Jellicle Ball. Each cat will have to impress her to enter the Heaviside Layer, where the chosen cat will have a chance to reincarnate. However, all the contradictions arise when the Jellicles are attacked by Macavity, the cunning, cunning cat. His comrades, Growltiger and Bombalurina, want to take over the leadership of their leader, Macavity.

As the cats sang and danced together for Princess Deuteronomy, Victoria noticed the sad cat Grizabella. When she learned of Grizabella’s traumatic memories, as well as the things she had experienced, Victoria believes that this is the cat she deserves the most to join the Heaviside Layer.

The production, design, and costumes of the movie are all very … weird. This I also agree with. However, the more you watch it, the more familiar the audience becomes with those images. To do this, audiences, at least have to have faith in the adaptations, or in this case, Cats. The actors’ costumes and makeup are greatly supported by CGI technology. The cats in the movie are transformed with extremely mischievous ears and their tail is always dancing. Another thing that audiences need to keep in mind is that the characters in the movie are life-sized, like cats. So the scene must be really huge. Most of the time, the cats will dance and sing together under tables,

Cats is an artistic, fictional musical drama. So it also needs viewers to appreciate from the perspective of a work of art. The filmmaker was unable to withstand the series of criticisms about the film’s visual effects. Director Tom Hooper even sent a newly edited version to theaters in time for the Christmas holiday. However, after I finished watching the unmodified version, I really felt that the director didn’t need to add or change anything. Critics are always the loudest, and if too much attention is paid to them, the film is fueling constant day and night complaints.

Cats is a world filled with music, where everywhere viewers can see cats singing and dancing. Usually, this story doesn’t appeal to the general audience, but to those who have seen the original Broadway play everything in this legendary play seems to have been reappeared and brought to life more vividly than ever. Via Cats: The cats are launched this year.

Andy Blankenbuehler, the name taking on the role of choreography, has also completed his role excellently in this film. Actress Francesca Hayward herself has transformed into a dancer too talented in this debut work. Viewers seem to have sympathized with the journey of the abandoned cat to make the Jellicles group accept her. In addition, Taylor Swift has also portrayed the role of Bombalurina, a sour lemon cat, too brilliantly. The rest of the cast also completed their duties well, contributing to an extremely magical world in Cats.

On the side of director Tom Hooper, he needs to have better variation in musical films. This is probably a move that made him receive a lot of criticism from both professionals and moviegoers. Plus, such movies have a very little plot, but the plot is drawn up in grandeur. To be fair, Tom has made good use of those philosophical elements, and what he focuses on are the music and choreography. But it would be a good idea if Tom turns down a few characters from the Jellicle, or adds a narrative voice to make things easier to understand.

Overall, it is also quite surprising that Cats received such criticism. Critics were also more extreme when others agreed with the criticism. agree that “Cats” has a lot of grain, but not to the point of being too bad. Actually, the movie is much better than the score that Rotten Tomatoes has rated. If you liked the music, you would love the whole movie.

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