Catch me if you can

The last thing is always thinking about when watching “Catch Me If You Can” is how many people are still running away hoping to be found in a noisy and busy life, throbbing and squeezing in dizziness out there?

Catch Me If You Can is not a tragic movie that even contains many humorous details, but this is one of the few movies that make me cry while watching. Very simple to shed tears, I cried when I saw the character Frank – a boy not even 18 years old has become a “super scam” in American history. The boy is enthusiastic in his journey to transform into many respected figures in society, reaching the peak of money and status but is a lonely boy on Christmas Eve, he runs away from the FBI just to find in front of the house where her mother is happily living with another man, watching her mother’s happy home shimmering behind the glass windows, like a distant dream never reach for …

Based on the real-life of the youngest “fraud genius” in American history – Frank Abagnale (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), Catch Me If You Can recreate his unprecedented fraudulent journey. This teenager, next to it is the journey to track Frank by FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks).

New York in 1963, the happy and peaceful life of 16-year-old boy Frank Abagnale suddenly turned a different direction when his parents divorced after his father failed. Crumbling and panicking, Frank ran away from home and started the life of a “genius scam”. Initially, Frank decided to become a pilot because he suddenly saw the image of a pilot of the famous airline Pan Am, which was welcomed and admired by people around him. With his quick wits, Frank quickly disguised himself as a charming and handsome pilot and pocketed $ 2.8 million in Pan Am temple expenses.

From a pilot, Frank in turn became a chief pediatrician in the hospital, an assistant judge in the Supreme Court of Louisiana. In addition, Frank also signed more than $ 4 million of counterfeit checks in a total of 50 US states and 26 countries around the world. Less than 19 years old, even without a high school diploma, Frank Abagnale has traveled the world with many different identities, in many highly admired and respected positions, with a lot of money, saw fall for whatever girl he likes, but the only thing he can’t do is to heal his parents’ marriage, and have a peaceful place to welcome him back on Christmas Eve – the time of the union convergence of all families.

The life of Frank Abagnale, behind the glorious moments of “deceitful genius”, only remains an uneasy 19-year-old boy, panicking, disoriented in the middle of his life. Frank’s loneliness is described more clearly through the wonderful acting of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Watching Catch Me If You Can, the audience can see Leo fully understanding his character in every detail, in every look or gesture. Even when Frank “flies the highest, flies the furthest”, Leo still sees in his character a hurt boy, longing to be loved and lonely to the extreme. Frank panicked and frantically, frantically struggling in his own grief even though he stood tall and stalwart on the surface, walking alongside as a man with money to be respected by society.

Frank constantly changes his identity, lives under the guise of many careers, and constantly runs away from police pursuit. But more than once, Frank had longed for someone to find him, someone to pull him up from the lonely puddle he was increasingly bogged down in. That is when Frank calls Carl – the police are frantically pursuing him on Christmas Eve just because he has no one to call anymore. Frank even left the real address where he is now for Carl but of course, the police do not trust him.

Frank looking for Carl probably also because Carl is the only person in the world who still cares about him, although the way that care is a bit “paradoxical” is to find and catch him. The paradox in Frank’s life is also here: the person trying to put Frank in jail is the only one who understands and appreciates his abilities in the midst of this life.

Frank is not only lonely but also yearns to love until the end. Actually, Frank’s original purpose was not to cheat himself to become rich. That boy was always geared toward his failed father. The only thing he could think of was being rich to save his parents’ marriage – they were divorced partly for financial reasons. That’s when Frank was excited to brag to his father about his pilot’s uniform when he happily said he bought him a new Cadillac and urged him to drive to find his mother.

Frank also longed for someone who loved him among the many girls out there prostrating in front of him, but not even a single girl cared about his real name. The end result of Frank is still just glossy lonely Christmas nights.

In addition to re-enacting the extreme loneliness of a young person, Catch Me If You Can also vividly reappeared American society in the 1960s with just a few simple slices. It is a time when career can also turn into a stage for dreamers like Frank to freely imagine and “act”. Leaving aside factors such as the rise of hippie culture, radical political movement, drugs, and rock n ‘roll, the film focuses on capturing and sarcasm on the frivolous side of American society in the 1960s – a decade of Pink Panther, the rise of the hit The Girl From Ipanema or James Bond’s “culture” …

The frivolity of society and the concept of winning content is Frank’s way out in all difficult situations. The question that his father asked Frank when he was a child, which was also the one Frank asked Carl is the best reflection of this idea in society: “Why are the Yankees always invincible?”. The answer is not because this team owns a talented main player, but because “Other teams always lose focus on the texture on their clothes”.

Beyond the story of frivolity is the story of myopic education. Frank grew up with lessons about tricks, with the story “2 mice fall into an ice cream jar”, even when he wants to stop, wants to be led by his father: “stop me!” Not possible. On the contrary, his father rejected his responsibility and said “You cannot stop!”. 

The last thing I always think about when I finish watching Catch Me If You Can, is how many Frank Abagnale like that exist in this life? How many young men and women are lost in loneliness and struggling with disorientation? How many people are still on the run hoping for someone to find them in the noisy and hustling, busy and dizzying lives out there?

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