Call me by your name

Call Me By Your Name, a movie that has attracted public opinion since its debut and is expected to become one of the “typical” films on the LGBT theme. This topic is quite sensitive and fussy about viewers, so was quite worried when I spent more than two hours enjoying this movie. But Call Me By Your Name didn’t disappoint me by taking me from one emotional level to another. Then when the last piece of music came out, I could barely say, so poetic, so sweet, and so beautiful.

The first impression that this movie gives the audience is that the storytelling is full of narrative and gently creates each story. The original content was adapted from the novel of the same name by the Jewish writer André Aciman, so the filmmakers also brought this point to the film to create a movie with bold “storytelling”. Perhaps many people are fed up with the slowness and lack of drama of this genre, but for me, this is the first point that makes the film’s poetry. Every development, the story just shows up through the movies of the legend “James Ivory”.

The Content

Elio, a 17-year-old Jew with incredible musical talent and a hobby of reading for hours every day. Elio’s everyday life will probably remain as peaceful with Mr. and Mrs. Perlman and the same age friends. But no, an appearance of Oliver disturbed everything and turned on the first love feelings of Elio’s life. From realizing, rejecting, hiding, then unconscious jealousy, signaling to passionate love, … all levels of feelings of a homosexual person when realizing their feelings are all perfectly expressed by Elio.


Though the personalities of Oliver and Elio looked contradictory, they were strangely harmonious. A feeling of adulthood and a feeling of adulthood. Their thoughts and concerns may be different, but they share the same love beat. The six summer months together were so few, when we had not received enough love, it was time to separate. But it is because of the last name that the Italian summer of 1983 became so beautiful!

We can also see a look of the legendary “James Ivory” through the romantic color of the film. With just a few key tones throughout the scenes, James created a dreamlike beautiful Italy. The golden color of the early morning sunlight, the pot of soaked apricot juice, and Elio’s favorite omelet plate.

In addition to the slightly nostalgic yellow color, director Luca also uses a lot of blue in his scenes. The blue of that summer Elio had Oliver, the blue of the sea where the clumsy grip of the two was witnessed, the blue of the shirt Oliver wore when he first met, and the blue of faith and hope for this secret love

Along with the film color, the sound is the most wonderful resonance of Call Me By Your Name. Onomatopoeic sounds occasionally appear in movie scenes. From the sound of cycling, rustling leaves, the sound of running water to Elio’s sobs when he received news from Oliver, … all contributed to bringing the audience closer to this unfinished beautiful love.

To express the nostalgia of the film, the work mostly uses the piano music of genius Elio for all scenes. This is truly an ingeniousness of this director when wordless music is gentle but gentle music like their own love story.

In addition, “Mystery of Love” and “Vision of Gideon” shown by Sufjan Stevens cannot be overlooked as an important factor to help push the movie’s details to its emotional level.

The special feature of the film is that the scenes are both hidden from the message and bold in art. Most impressive is the scene that made up the movie’s title when both were passionate after admitting their feelings. Oliver said “call me by your name and I call you by my name” so that every time Oliver’s nostalgia overflows, Elio secretly calls his name as the most beautiful belief. Simple but deep, the film’s words are strangely poetic. Not too long, too much dialogue, but each small, full of character line.

The director’s artistic intentions are pushed to the highest when filming the metaphorical couple images for the existence of Elio and Oliver. Two bicycles placed next to each other, two swim trunks scattered across the wall, two feet rubbing in the stream,… like a tacit acknowledgment that the two were together, both were a secret couple.

Then comes the scene where Elio and Oliver walk around the monument, dropping the fluttering lines, which is another point of talent of this talented director. Each person drove each bicycle around and then met again, unintentionally signaling each other, signaling to the other party that he was ready for this relationship. Surely when watching this image, the audience will have to say the great idea of ​​the filmmaker.

Perhaps audiences will never forget the final look of the movie when Elio sobbed by the fireplace. How happy Elio was to receive a call from Oliver after so many months but it was a phone call that brought his lover forever. Or the news that Oliver was about to be married and the tears from Elio were strangely haunting scenes.

This was probably the half-way to those six beautiful summer months, but it was the best ending for their troubled love. Who knows what life will be like in the future with the stigmatized glances of this society for people like them. Are quarrels, anger, and then break up, .. so as to keep the memories of that summer as the best things for each other.

How many people in life have easy access to the LGBT community, for them it is a misunderstanding, mistake, and strange disease. But to ask who tears fall without bitterness, which loves is unfinished without pain? People in that community are also human, they also have feelings, they also need love, it’s just the love they give away like other couples of men and women, so they have to suffer from social stigma, right? No, both Elio and Oliver, this whole community, deserve to be loved, because of these simple yet genuine emotions.


The audience watching the movie Call Me By Your Name was so caught up in the emotions of the two characters throughout the work that they forgot to wonder and think about the “strange” love of the two boys. To make this miraculous success is a combination of screenwriter James Ivory, director Luca, the acting of two potential actors  Armie and Timothée, and the message that covers the entire film. Youth only comes once, instead of worrying about waiting, let’s live with the deepest feelings. Don’t deny your ego, because after all, you are yourself.

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