Brightburn is one of America’s horror movies, telling the story of an alien boy with supernatural powers, but unable to control his abilities, then gradually became one villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s review it with

The overview of the film’s content.

As one of the most beloved stories, especially Superman-like superheroes and the source of most of the famous superheroes, author duo Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created this character. . not from Earth, but from another planet called Krypton. Sent by her biological parents as a child, she was then raised on Earth by a farmer Kent and eventually became Earth’s savior superhero.

Brightburn Plot

The story begins with a couple Tory (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle (David Denman) living in the fields of Brightburn and very happy together, but unfortunately, they actually have no kids despite the fact that they have been husband and wife for a very long time.

And then one day, a spaceship crashed near their home. Looking into it, Tori and Kyle found a boy inside of them. Desiring to have a baby, they took care of the baby and named it Brandon Breuer. To hide their mother’s origins, they decide to keep it a secret, leaving the spacecraft in the warehouse.

Brandon Breuer grew up like other normal children, under the care and love of his parents. Until the age of 12, Brandon began to realize the difference in his body. He found his body to be very strong, immune to sharp objects, able to fly and move quickly and emit hot rays from his eyes, similar to Superman’s power. Brandon’s powers are difficult to control and pose a threat to those around them.

Brandon also doesn’t understand what happened to her and tries to hide it from her parents. Tori and Kyle understand this, but Tori still believes that Brandon can control his powers. At the same time, Kyle became suspicious of the emergence of disappearances and unusual deaths in their city.


Although filled with comic book superheroes, it should be emphasized that Brightburn is a true horror film, not a movie about superheroes striving for good. You can often see a person’s protection. Opening the film is a scene where Brandon slowly, gently appears alongside the Tory and Kyle families, but as Brandon’s strength gradually develops, the film has moved into horror and thriller genres. The horror element used in this film is very effective with the bloody, brutal murder scenes that create fear and tension for viewers throughout much of the second half of the film. The horror of the movie also increased when the culprit was a newborn, so much so that Brightburn (2019) was banned from screening in many countries.

Image: Maybe Shadow Son was produced on a low budget, so the visuals of the film don’t look very invested. The CGI use details were reduced, the flight scenes were shot indirectly (not directly) to limit the use of effects. So do not expect the movie to have epic action or fight scenes like the usual superhero movies, but the good thing is that viewers still feel all the creepiness and superpower of the child. This alien baby.

The setting of the film is set very like the Kent family ranch in Smallville. Specifically, BrightBurn’s make-up did very well, particularly the scenes portraying the change of the casualty’s body by Brandon, looking truly frightening.

Sound: This part of the movie is not too thick, just enough to help Brandon’s murder part more dramatic and scary. Maybe the makers don’t plan to panic watchers with sound yet straightforwardly through the character’s activities, so the music isn’t utilized to an alarm like numerous other phantom films or blood and gore flicks. 

Acting: The cast in the movie are only B-class and C-class actors in Hollywood, but they did quite well in their roles, making viewers feel the character’s mood and boosted the movie’s circuit. Jackson A. Dunn has played the role of Brandon extremely well, being quiet, gentle but both cunning and cold, even many people will be afraid of his eyes because of the fact that what that intelligence is thinking

Brandon is both the main character and the villain of the film and does not have a force to oppose him, except for the love of his mother, portrayed by the pretty actress Elizabeth Banks. She has done well in this job, causing watchers to feel her affection for her received kid Brandon just as her torture in battling for her explanation when she understands her kid is an evil spirit.

Conclusion on Brightburn (2019)

There is no denying that Brightburn (2019) is one such movie, even though it has very simple content, like most movies about life before. into a superhero, even though it’s the opposite direction. many people can easily predict the content of a movie.

However, the film still does very well in its role. Bringing freshness to the superhero movie genre, Brightburn seems to combine the best of horror and horror with a superhero/villain origin story. Excitement, tension, horror, and soreness are the effects possible after watching this David Yarkovsky film. A movie that unfortunately cannot be ignored the cinematic experience.

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