Brahms: The Boys II

Just went to see Brahms: The Boy II came home, and at this moment, feels like I can’t be more disappointed. Because there hasn’t been a month of going to see a ton of horror movies, but in the end, there is no movie that brings true horror.

In 2016, STX Entertainment released the psychological thriller “The Boy” starring Lauren Cohan, an actress known for her role as Maggie Greene in the series The Walking Dead. To be frank, the movie is average but it still makes me think about the tragedy of the Heelshire family. From an elderly couple who love their children blindly, to their mentally challenged Brahms, a son with a mental problem struggling like a ghost in his own home.

Still a story about beauties and monsters, but the ending is not “Then they get married and live happily afterward” like a fairy tale. Because Brahms is just a big man whose face was ruined by the fire of old. And Greta could not accept that he had been stalking her for a long time and ready to kill. Brahms always longed to be loved, but what he received was not the crying tear of true love, but a painful stab from Greta himself. She came back just to save Malcolm, not for him. I don’t know about everyone, but I feel a bit of pain watching the scene where Brahms sit and reassemble pieces of the doll even though it’s only a few seconds long. Her parents committed suicide, Greta left. So now Brahms was left alone, alone in the large house.

For me, such an opening was more than enough. So when I got information about the sequel, I felt quite surprised and curious. It is unclear what the direction of “Brahms: The Boy II” will be when both Lauren Cohan and James Russell do not return as Greta and Brahms. And STX Entertainment immediately took measures to extinguish the fire. It was destroying The Boy to make way for this second season.

The Plot

Brahms: The Boy II is about a family and a couple Liza and Sean have a son Jude who loves to scare his mother. There is also “Sometimes fear makes us happy”. But fun is not too happy that evening, Jude and Lisa were given a super big surprise by two bandits when they broke into the house and nearly killed Liza. After that incident, Jude lost her voice. To make Jude feel safe, Sean decided to move to the quiet, peaceful countryside. But unfortunately, more than half of horror movies are derived from the main character moving house but do not fully understand the background. And of course, they move into Heelshire mansion without knowing anything about its bloody past. And Jude quickly finds the porcelain doll, Brahms.

Those who have watched “The Boy” know in fact the problem is not the doll, but it is the Brahms, which is always lurking in the house. But when it came to Brahms: The boy II, the real Brahms died of suicide and his fate was only mentioned through a few short lines. And the producer determined to turn Brahms into Annabelle’s male version, so he let it be the cause of a series of barbaric disasters. This totally repudiates the past one however since “Brahms: The Boy II” is a free spin-off, I can release it.

That is, if the movie is of good quality, the second half is going to be infinity here. The first part at least leaves a little impression with the quiet, cold space of the large and mysterious old house surrounding the doll and the Heelshire couple. And the film circuit of “Brahms: The Boy II” is all, without a highlight. It all goes back and forth only about the daily life of the Liza family. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. After watching, I just wanted to sleep at the theater.

It has a reputation as a horror film but does not have a moment of horror. Say no, all scenes that are considered creepy are all carried on the trailer. The segment of the centipede crawling out of Brahms’ ear when Jude asked “What should we do now” was like being put in to look dangerous since nothing happened after that. How did you think the climax when Jude threw Brahms into the crematorium suddenly cut one-off and ended the movie? Did Brahms not even counterattack, just accept to be destroyed? Having taken the effort to buff her on par with Annabelle, at least give Brahms some power. All problems are resolved in the minute, while the audience doesn’t even understand what just happened.

One thing that thrilled me after watching the movie was Brahms’ purpose. At first, Jude wrote down 10 lengthy rules like part 1, I still thought she wanted a companion. But its real intention is to manipulate children to kill their parents because, in the end, Liza finds articles about Brahms-related disasters. Is that too redundant? Suddenly listing a bunch of rules, but for nothing. Brahms did not know how to quickly beat and win, so he kept trying to be thrown into the crematorium in the end. Did you see anyone who was going to kill someone but did not talk about it with the victim yet, and let Jude draw it all out? What are you going to do with all the natural things like that?

Not to mention “Brahms: The boy II” is still in the form of a mouse-tailed elephant. The trailer teases “The truth about Brahms will be revealed”, but in the end how? We know each Brahms gets kids to kill their parents through the articles, then what? Nothing more. How is Brahms created? Who was the possessor and why was it chosen as the possessor? Why not exploit those points but just ramble to the end. Or does the producer count on selling for a sequel “Brahms: Creation” like Annabelle? But with a poor score of 4.3 out of 10 on IMDb, 32/100 from, and a mere 9 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, I don’t think this series will have a sequel.

“Brahms: The Boy II” also has an inhibiting main cast, typically Liza. Well, I know that Liza was robbed and attacked when her husband was not at home. But not Sean wants to go home late, people still go to work. Was that after that, she kept angry with her husband for no reason. If you feel uncomfortable, you have to say it to share with others, but just keep silent, and your face is heavy, it will solve the problem. I just sit and watch but feel tired of my husband. Not only that, but she also has a very different mindset. When you see the missing son, who do you guess the mother will think of first? Husband? Cop? No, that’s too often. Liza played out loud by calling the doctor right away. Watching this paragraph is really silent. Liza makes viewers tired largely thanks to Katie Holmes’ stiff acting. The whole movie, she did not frown, she would roll her eyes, acting as if she was returning.

Epilogue assess that Brahms: The boy II is a horror film with quite poor quality in both content and image, is a typical example of the producer having to taste bitter fruit when ham a brand’s milking pits are inherently not so cool. Not only because the 4-year gap has made the attraction of the film cool, but now the audience is too familiar with the motif of a haunted doll, a murder doll.

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