After watching, Moviereviews. to found that Bloodshot just stopped at a decent, entertaining action movie, but did not clearly show the superhero element and personality of the main character. 

Besides the battle between DC vs. the two biggest superhero universes. Marvel, recently another superhero action comic franchise is moving to the big screen, which is Valiant with the first movie Bloodshot.

Produced by Sony, but Bloodshot is led by rookie director David SF Wilson, with the script being molded by Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare, Fantasy Island) and Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Bird Box). The film also owns a very “genuine” cast, from the male lead Vin Diesel to the new generation action beauty Eiza González. However, the audience should not expect too much for a first, breathtaking adventure because Bloodshot only stops at a temporary action product, while the “superhero” element cannot. show clearly.

About the original plot, Bloodshot marked the debut of a character of the same name, whose real name was Ray Garrison (Diesel) – a talented Marines who unfortunately were assassinated and witnessed his wife’s death. Thinking that he had left the world forever, but then Ray was “revived” by a prominent group of scientists, becoming a transcendent being with immense strength and self-healing ability that even Wolverine. must be wary. Since then, he set out to take revenge, but is everything really that easy and perfect?

The script, the plot is less plump

The duration of the movie is divided into two halves. The first half is a bit slow and slow and easy to make the audience sitting in the theater feel bored and the second part explodes with the story progression accelerated with the action scenes quite “eye-catching”. Although the first half is a bit cumbersome, in reality, this is a wise choice because Bloodshot is the start of a big, long-term plan for Sony. This “wasteful” beginning gives viewers time to understand Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) as well as his past before immersing himself in the film’s circuit too fast and action-packed behind.

To comment on the film’s linearity, the audience can imagine the inclined parabolic diagram, meaning that Bloodshot has incorporated a pretty amazing twist right in the middle of the film – a rather risky detail. And that adventure has cost what the rest of the story is, when it looks like a mountain, the time from the beginning to the twist, and from the twist to the ending is quite slow and easy. boring. Besides, the end of the film does not bring an epic final match, but in the way of “anti-climax” – details easy to find in some recent superhero movies that are rated quite bad like Captain Marvel or Dark Phoenix.

Overall, Sony’s most successful point in this work is to separate Bloodshot from the modern superhero definition, when unlike most conventional superhero movies, Ray Garrison does not leave a clear sense. to see whether he is a hero or a servant of justice. It’s all just Ray and his story, the rules he sets himself up and makes everything around him obey.

Double side stands out more than the protagonist

The cast of the film is a huge row with Vin Diesel – A monument of cinema in the hearts of many people with the role of Dominic in Fast Saga; Guy Pearce – Hollywood villain who once caused fever in Iron Man 3 or Eiza González – the phenomenon of world cinema. But perhaps also so inadvertently affected the land of the lead role.

Vin Diesel with a huge appearance, will not be able to say that this is Bloodshot coming out of his own pages. But it would be impossible to figure out the difference between Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious and Ray Garrison in Bloodshot this time. In the way the fight scene, Diesel is still cool as he has made his brand, but when not fighting, there will not be uniqueness in the character shown. The only feeling about Ray Garrison is just a more technological Wolverine but loses its own emotion or substance as Hugh Jackman has done.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the most prominent performance of the film belongs to Eiza González as KT and witty IT boy Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris). KT is beautiful and still too rounded in the female image, while Wilfred Wigans with the entertainment in the scenes makes the whole movie awaken from the entire film circuit at bleak, quiet, intense, fiery. The highlight of the dual sub-staging makes Vin Diesel even more awkward.

Great VFX, top sound

With a big technology-oriented studio like Sony, of course, the VFX is always the point that makes any movie product become eye-catching and attractive. Bloodshot is no exception when the fiery battle scenes in the movie are dramatic and majestic that anyone can not take their eyes off when enjoying. As an action actor, Vin Diesel knows very well how to lead and show fatal punches, and at the same time show his “coolness” as an elite super soldier.

Good fighting is that, but the acting side of Fast & Furious star is not shown much, making in many scenes he is completely overwhelmed by other characters. In addition, it feels like Vin has accidentally fallen into a spiral of “actors who transform themselves into themselves” when the audience cannot find a unique point to separate Bloodshot from himself, or worse Fast & Furious’ Dominic Toretto, unseen making the film a solo production of Dom himself, a spin-off from the cult racing series.

An arduous start 

Bloodshot is still a set worth spending time in theaters in midst of translation. But to say that is a unique superhero work, the answer is definitely not because the current superhero standard has been raised too high by the MCU and DCEU that Sony can not take a step. equal.

Sony chose Bloodshot as a name that would open up their own empire after a long time under Marvel Studios. The father’s ambition of the 5-part Spider-Man movie is real, but Bloodshot has essentially failed as a pawnbroker for a new cinematic universe. Aside from having After Credit is very ungainly, it’s hard to imagine the connections Sony has built for heroes to come. No one would disagree that this is nothing more than a spin-off of Fast and Furious technology without sound, and the score is not quite as good, 5.7 IMDb is an answer to the quality of the film.

Sony is now identical to Marvel Studios and Iron Man 12 years ago, both experiencing the same turbulence at the beginning, but the MCU is now a great empire, and whether Sony can do it or not. depends on the big guy’s next steps.


Overall, Bloodshot is a relatively acceptable start from Valiant Comics, but if it really is called a special superhero movie, this is completely unimaginable, but only at one movie title. simple action and pattern. Hopefully, Sony will draw more experiences and do better in the following titles to build a new potential and attractive cinematic universe.

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