Blade Runner 2049 assess that Blade Runner 2049 is not only a sci-fi film marking the demise of an empire in the future perspective but also a cinematic work that fully reflects the loneliness and skepticism of man for our own existence. Opening a door helps us see what makes people truly human.

Released in 2017, 35 years after the first part is the movie Blade Runner 2019 (1982), but watching this part 2 alone does not cause any difficulty in fully enjoying the content of the work.

Denis Villeneuve is known as the director of films with many successes such as Prisoners (2013), Sicario (2015), or Arrival (2016) – a beautiful science fiction work full of contemplation of linguistics and the importance of dialogue and understanding earned eight Oscar nominations. Villeneuve quickly created another miracle in 2017, which is the creation of the movie Blade Runner 2049 – a beautiful cinematic work that will never get old, it will continue to make people think about our own existence.

Set in a not too distant future when the earth’s resources are gradually depleting, the seriously polluted environment is alarmed by dim dust, the red light of radioactive waste, and acid rains. Humans gradually have to move to live on other planets and they create Replicants (creatures that are identical to humans but have powers and abilities beyond normal) to explore, labor, and construct these brand new planets for humans. But over a long period of labor, the Replicants gradually formed emotions threatening the supremacy of mankind. So man has used a force of submissive Replicants to find and kill (retired) his own kind – old Replicants. This special police force is known as Blade Runner.

In Los Angeles in 2049, K – a Blade Runner while on a mission at a protein farm found the box containing the remains of a Replicant who died of childbirth. He was ordered to search for clues about the baby so that he retired it from creating a war. But the more you search, the more clues that lead to K leading to greater mysteries about himself.

Desire to affirm his existence

With Ryan Gosling’s superb performance as K, a warrior’s composure and the pain of facing himself. Ryan shows us a character whose appearance is the most false and at the same time, the most honest a viewer has a chance to see. His pain and skepticism are what recognizes him as a true person.

In the movie, we will see human-like creatures from physical bodies to actions and emotions, along with virtual operating systems that feel like a real human but their images are fragile rays of light and disappear easily after the press of a button. All have a desire to become human with a soul, because only then can they be able to perceive the world in the most authentic way. But they do not know that human beings themselves have difficulty in perceiving the world authentically, people themselves are skeptical of their own existence and desire that their existence is recognized as no different from the Replicant.

Replicants seek meaning in their existence, and so do humans.


Blade Runner 2019 is a beautiful piece with an astonishing VFX that was ahead of its time in 1982. And after that, the second part of Blade Runner became an Oscar winner for Best visual effects. But that achievement not only means that the beautiful and beautiful Blade Runner is not enough, but it is also an important factor that contributes significantly to telling a good story.

The world of flying cars, 3D billboards, the crowds and chaos created by both humans and Replicants, or vast expanses of space. It is a foreign world with an unfamiliar architecture, an incomplete distance between man and nature. All of this creates a distance and emphasizes incomplete loneliness in the character and the viewer themselves.

Blade Runner 2049’s memory and imagination have been compared to Stalker (1979) by legendary Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. Not only because of the relatively long length of both films but also because the tempo of both films is slow, along with the message of human nature and the suspicion of something humans do not know is true or not?

Blade Runner 2049 raises the big question of what’s real, starting with our own memories. Is it real or is much of it the product of the imagination? And sometimes we will find that everything that goes by in our life does not seem quite true. The past has disappeared and people fill the void with their imagination, the future has not yet come and people do not stop imagining it. A real snowflake and an imaginary snowflake always have a way to be equally cold.


It turns out that what makes people truly human is that people have constantly sought to assert their own existence and give it a certain meaning, people have always struggled with loneliness and people have ceaselessly doubted their own existence, doubting the truthfulness of this life, which creates pain. In Blade Runner 2049, humans created creatures like themselves for survival purposes, sadly they refused to recognize Replicants as humans as if they refused to be humans

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