Black Swan

Watching Black Swan featuring Natalie Portman leaving many thoughts and questions in me. Therefore, let’s analyze it with for making out the messages the movie brings.

Black Swan (Black Swan – 2010) is a psychological – horror film with extremely deep content, reflecting human nature and society with bold realism in life, when it comes to reality, we cannot forget its rather dark coloration. Of course, this is not a movie genre for entertainment, especially “no” when it is a cinematic work of art based on a combination of many elements of philosophy – psychology – mythology – technology. ballet. Basically, other reviews on the internet have decoded this movie, so the rest is how much deeper my article will be for readers to understand more deeply. It seems that after more than 1 year of writing, I find myself gradually becoming a professional “digger” (laughs).

The film is about Nina – a ballet dancer trying to get the lead role in a modified play of Ho Thien Nga. During her role-playing for the character Black Swan, Nina underwent a psychological transformation that changed her entire life. For more details see this movie. This article mainly analyzes and decodes the meaning and connotations of the film. IMDb 8.0


Beauty and the Beast: French folktales about a prince who is enchanted into a monster, a curse is only resolved when a girl’s true love is achieved. . There are many similar versions available in other ethnic groups. Its conveying message is: true love can turn a monster into a human.

Swan Lake – Russian ballet play: is a combination based on ancient German and Russian tales, about the princess transformed into a swan, a curse that is only resolved when love from a prince. The princess met the prince and he fell in love with her, but the witch disguised herself as a princess to seduce the prince into a betrothal after the prince learned that the person she promised was not the real princess, he sought To the princess, the two of them jumped into the lake of azalea, not fulfilling the promise created from that lie, when falling into the lake (due to the princess’ mother’s tears), the curse was dissolved.

We see that the message of Ho Thien Nga evolved more with the addition of a witch-like princess to deceive the prince, and thus closer to reality, that pure and innocent love. it is not enough to bring people freedom and happiness. On the other hand, it also shows progress and humanity in resisting the compulsion to fulfill a promise built out of deception and fraud.

Swan Lake is modified in the movie: the story is transformed once again, the black swan (fake princess) is the twin sister of the white swan (real princess – a virgin). After hearing that the prince was seduced by the black swan, the white swan committed suicide and committed suicide and the curse was dissolved. As can be seen, this version is closer to reality, but it is also quite negative and pessimistic when completely ignoring the prince’s love. I don’t know whether to call it to progress or not, progress when it liberates people completely and does not depend on love, no progress when it loses faith in true love, thus this is exactly a tragedy.

I talked about philosophy above, the modified Hồ Thiên Nga is close to the German philosophical point of view, typically Goethe’s Faust, the character in the story who sold souls to demons, in the debauchery. he realizes the truth and transcends it in order to attain true freedom. It can be said that German philosophy favors human reason rather than emotion and is the premise for the development of atheistic existentialism. But this road is quite dangerous because it will make people easily fall into the abyss and the selfishness and irresponsibility, you can understand more through the review of my work Portrait of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde).

Freedom and perfection

Nina is a true “virgin”, I say in comprehensiveness in all aspects, both psychological and physiological. What Nina focuses all of her energy and life on is achieving success in ballet, which is the result of her mother. The mother used to be a dancer, she was obsessed with the success and perfection of her role as a white swan, but after her career failed, she put all her heart and hope into her daughter. She wants to make Nina the perfect dancer, she controls Nina very closely. And it’s not strange that Thomas – the dance director said that Nina is a perfect fit for the role of a white swan, but she lacks the quality for the role of a black swan.

But is a real person only good sides? It is not possible, because of the oppression of the mother, the wicked traits of Nina are restrained and suppressed, half of the being is bound and it always seeks to attain freedom. If in consciousness it is suppressed then unconsciously it seeks to escape, by creating hallucinations or scratching action behind one of Nina’s shoulders. Thus, the perfection that Nina is demonstrating, or the mother’s obsession is just a theoretical ideal, it is an untrue and innocent illusion.

We also see a similarity between the acting and the life of Nina, she is a “virgin” transformed into a white swan symbolized by her career as a dancer. The more humans are obsessed with the image of the white swan – haunted theoretical perfection, the more trapped in that “outer shell”, like a mother, despite giving up her career after having a baby, but she is always living in despair, she cannot attain freedom, in other words, the mother has to live in the shell of “swan” forever. The modified play isn’t without reason, the mother’s life shows it, she used to believe in love, but that love is just a lie, it’s too fragile if the human is completely trustworthy and dependable. We can also assimilate Nina’s living situation with the lake created by her mother’s tears of suffering.

Nina is more fortunate than the mother in that she has achieved a modified play (this is also progression), by trying to play the role of a black swan, half of her being has been removed. tied to expose the outside. Nina is no longer afraid of love, s.e.x is free to live in disarray with discos and drugs, then jealousy, greed, and resentment, cruelty. All evil completely explodes when Nina plays the role of the black swan character.

But why was all that Nina saw was an illusion? How is Nina different from Beth and Lily? Both Beth and Lily are fit for the black swan role but they don’t have the essence of a true white swan, whereas Nina has that. Why? Because they don’t live in the mother’s “lake of tears”, they don’t have the same aspiration to perfection as Nina, and they’re not a “virgin” either. Although Nina’s original perfection was only an idealistic and naive theory, thanks to it, Nina feels more deeply the devastation and cruelty when half of her dark self is exposed. exposed to the outside.

When the darkness revealed, Nina “stabbed to death” Lily – a “black swan” competition, it was a process of self-destruction, and only a real “white swan – virgin” received. realizing it, and realizing it, in order to attain true perfection and complete freedom. While Beth and Lily will never understand it, Beth will destroy herself after being rejected, and Lily will still be a “black swan”. Thus, the path that Nina goes through consists of 3 steps: a “virgin” living in the theoretical white swan crust, transforming into a black swan, back to a wounded white swan – perfection and freedom honest. In the 3rd step, the curse is removed, mythically speaking Nina can gain magic, whether she can transform into a human or a swan is up to her,

If you notice, in the movie there is a figure of a humanoid with bird wings, that is the value and meaning of ballet or art in general. Thanks to art, people have free wings to soar, but not everyone can achieve it, to achieve it, people have to undergo many “transformations” with the pain mentally and physically, and the premise is that one must have a pure and virgin longing, but if one turns to art just because of the ambition to succeed, that ambition will be an impossible curse. It will destroy them even if they actually achieve success, Beth is a prime example. Beth succeeds in ambition, Nina succeeds in the sublimation of her soul, with the same form but different nature.

Society likes evil more, but the aspiration for perfection

In the film, Thomas repeatedly affirms that the importance of the play depends on the role of the black swan, he always tries to instill bad thoughts into Nina’s mind, then when he doesn’t reach his purpose, he makes it seem like an act of art. Of course, Thomas has a purpose for art too, but it’s not purely pure, and it’s not hard to spot the nefarious relationship between Thomas and Beth, and Lily as well. Humans have an extremely complex being.

When playing the role of the white swan, Nina was at fault, but then Nina perfectly played the role of a black swan and a suicidal white swan. In the next 2 moments, the audience applauded, the scene was metaphorical. Will Nina die in the end? I think not, that “death” is like a seed that has to be destroyed for the seed to rise, or like a butterfly breaking its cocoon to soar. The pain from that “death” is not understood by anyone, often others only see the brilliance after that.

The reality of life is relatively cruel and dark, but not entirely hopeless. We can see that in Thomas choosing Nina as the lead role, as he feels a huge desire in Nina’s heart. Or Lily’s praise to Nina, it was the utter admiration that was completely true. As long as people realize the nature of beauty, there will be hope for this world to change and sublimate.

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