Black Christmas

Inspired by a real case about the serial killer who murdered a lot of young girls in Westmount (Canada), Black Christmas – Black Christmas will bring the audience a piece during the Christmas holidays tinged with darkness and death.

Movie content

Black Christmas takes place at a school with a history of hundreds of years old. This school was founded by a believer in the supernatural power of men, he also established a “brotherhood” to spread his ideas and the “brotherhood” has maintained over so many times. student system with lots of new members each year.

After a chaotic party and insults to the men of the young girls in the school, the girls began to mysteriously disappear without leaving any trace. At the same time, ghosts in black robes and masked ghosts appeared in the school, disappearing everywhere, making all the girls chills.

A peaceful Christmas has become full of upheaval with murderers who kill without blinking, not only that, they are also extremely crowded and very aggressive. Young girls are forced to unite together and find the true anonym who is controlling those brutal ghosts.

Black Christmas is an American school episode where girls and boyfriends continue to click each other, which is the underlying reason for the events in the film. however, the trick of developing the story is too great with many hero conversations taking up nearly half of the film time, making readers lose themselves, sometimes wondering what kind of movie they are watching.

Meanwhile, also doesn’t understand clearly what the message the movie wants to give viewers. In Black Christmas, the characters casually argue about which man or woman is more important, who is based on who, and that dispute is overcome by “war”. Obviously, the result is that the female will win, but the winning trick in the movie is very short, non-concise, and does not make the viewer feel feminine anywhere.

Although Black Christmas is a horror work, the scary elements in the movie are quite gentle and the girls absolutely do not need to worry too much when watching the movie. In addition, the first half of the film is built quite gently when focusing only on the lives of the girls. The rhythm of the movie becomes really dramatic when it comes to the end when ghosts constantly appear and kill the girls. At this time, the sound of the film maximizes the effect of frightening the audience with sudden noises causing many female friends to scream in fear; Actually, it’s nothing serious, but because it happened suddenly, so I suddenly shouted out loud.

The bloody scenes were also very thoroughly cut, making the boredom of the movie more and more. The film has a lot of killing scenes but not gore at all, partly because the scenes have been cut most of the time, partly because the blood of ghosts is black. So for the faint of heart, please be bold and watch the movie, nothing to worry about.

Actors and acting

The performance of the cast in the movie from the main role to supporting role is rated at an average level. feels that the actors have not really exuded a feeling of confusion, anxiety, and fear when faced with ghosts. This causes the quality of the movie to drop a bit, if the girls play better characters then this feminist movie will probably be a lot more attractive.

The antagonists of Black Christmas are too predictable and devastating tricks are pretty bullshit. The film only does one thing well, brings the atmosphere to viewers with snow, pine trees, and related decorations.

Sound and picture

The film’s image is quite good with dark frames just enough to scare the audience, just enough for the audience to clearly follow the progress of the film. But the most impressive thing in Black Christmas is that the sound is handled very well, taking advantage of the surround sound system in the theater to bring extremely realistic sounds. Although there are many scenes that really do not have anything to scare the audience, the sudden noise is enough to make viewers’ hearts flutter.

In short, Black Christmas – Black Christmas is an average feature film and not as good as the trailer or what people say. The movie was like that but was also cut, so it makes you enjoy watching the movie not very well. Black Christmas still has many flaws but is also a pretty good entertaining movie hitting theaters this week.

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