Bill And Ted Face The Music will now bring you the review of the third amazing adventure of Bill and Ted in “Bill and Ted face the music”

The former movies

The fantasy comedy franchise started in 1989 with the first two films have been successful at the box office. The series revolves around the story of two high school students Bill and Ted living in California in 1988. The two later formed the Wyld Stallyns band. They have a popular song all over the universe, worshiped by future people like the bible.

In the first part, Ted and Bill are helped by someone from the future Rush (the late actor George Carlin) to pass history. If they fail, both of them have to give up their musical dreams because Ted’s father will force him to attend military school.

The second part was released in 1991, a villain in the future sent two robots resembling Ted and Bill back to the past to kill them to change history. In spirit form, they undergo trials in hell, heaven before being reincarnated as a human and stopping the evil person’s plans.

The story of the third part

The duo Keanu Reeves – Alex AWinter and two daughters participate in a world rescue with the help of characters that no one can expect: Mozart, Hendrix, and Louis Armstrong. Similar to the previous two films (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 1989 and Bill & Ted’s bogus journey 1991), with two main actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, the script for Bill & Ted Face the Music continued by the duo Chris Matheson – Ed Solomon is in charge and directed by Dean Parisot, “father” of the classic comedy Galaxy Quest.

Today, Bill and Ted – old of course. And their band, Wyld Stallyns, is regrettably also slowly being forgotten over time. The consolation for these men is that the girls still have a love and support for the music they follow. One fine day, Bill and Ted received a very special “order” from the Great Leader of the Universe: Compose a song that brings the world together and prevent the destruction of space and time within … 77 minutes. 

At first, these men were extremely confident. But then, because they didn’t want to work too hard, they came up with a much softer solution: Time travel to the point where they finished the song, took the song, and returned. , it’s done. Like Bill once told Ted: “You’ve had many counterintuitive ideas over the years, but this is the most counterintuitive idea.” However, it is true that nothing in this world always goes smoothly. The great leader has an alternative plan to save the world that is… kill Bill and Ted. Will the destiny of these two “heroes” will be like? 


Since Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey 1991, instead of acting, Alex Winter gradually became more active as a film director or producer. Meanwhile, his friend Keanu Reeves has become a big-screen star. Returning to the familiar roles after 29 years, Winter – with a bright smile and big round eyes – still immerses viewers completely in Bill’s innocence. Meanwhile, Reeves has done a great job reviving Ted. Especially when he doesn’t speak, looking at the face framed by the signature long 70s hair, you will feel a gravity radiating from him drawing you. 

The film also saw a flawless performance by Brigitte Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving as Billie and Thea, daughters who have inherited the spirit of their fathers very well, even though they are clearly three times as smart. . Bill & Ted Face the Music may not be too excellent, but Bill & Ted Face the Music has given viewers a sweet, light and comfortable story of two “heroes” who are in the middle age. Faithful to the traits that the previous two films have created, Bill & Ted version 2020 has content that is not too confusing, it is still extremely funny based on its own absurdity and sweet seriousness. 

The most interesting idea of ​​Bill & Ted Face the Music is that the two main characters are met with different versions of themselves while traveling to the future. In particular, the meeting with Bill and Ted, a muscular body, tattoos full of people, extremely ferocious in prison, as well as the expressions of Bill and Ted in the 2020 version will definitely make everyone laugh hysterically. 

Besides, the fact that the two daughters return to the past and gather legends like Jimi Hendrix, Mozart … into a band is also quite interesting. Bill and Ted’s version of the muscular role Above all, the biggest plus point of the movie is the optimism emanating from Bill and Ted no matter what they are in any difficult situation. For someone, this positivity may be delusional, but at least it keeps us from giving up at the very beginning of our adventure. 

At this moment, as the world is suffering from the devastation of the Corona pandemic as well as the changing weather, political instability, and economic pressure, Bill – Ted is back and giving us hope. hope. When we work together to change reality with many positives, nothing is lost. The lessons this best friend couple brings will always be valid for time.

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