Baywatch 2017

Baywatch is a childhood/youth part of American audiences and many countries around the world. The TV series lasting nearly 250 episodes with a total of 10 seasons, was broadcast during the 1990s (1989 – 1999) and became an indispensable spiritual dish for Americans.

In the summer of 2017, the audience will meet the “legendary” characters again but are shown by brand new actors in Baywatch in the movie version. Still following the beautiful and handsome rescue team of Emerald Bay, you will “burn your eyes” at the super-standard screens of the cast, or laugh at the American-style obscene comedies and investigative phases, thrilling action like detective movies. Let’s see whether this version has done as well as the series’ reputation with

Instead of veteran actor David Hasselhoff taking on the role of leader Mitch Buchannon is “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. With a tall appearance, solid brown skin, and proven comedic abilities, Dwayne Johnson is considered the perfect alternative to revive this iconic character. Mitch Buchannon is chivalrous, macho, but no less difficult in rescue and coastal protection. He is the “hero” model who is willing to plunge into hardship, not afraid of danger to keep everyone safe.

But even a patient person like Mitch must “go crazy” over a character: Matt Brody. Performed by the “prince” High School Musical which year – Zac Efron – Matt is a snob with a careless lifestyle, refusing to get along with the collective. From an Olympic star, he made a mistake that caused the team to lose and since then, Matt’s career and reputation have declined. Joining the rescue team with him was not an honor, but obligatory community service.

The main conflict of the movie revolves around this couple “injustice” Mitch and Matt, but it is impossible not to mention the interesting supporting characters. That fat guy Ronnie secretly missed the beauty queen of the rescue team, though clumsy, but very brave and persistent with the goal. It was the girl named Summer Quinn with a tough personality, had “cut down” Matt’s heart the first time he met. And that is “sister association” CJ and Stephanie with charming beauty, 3 hot rings, and professional rescue ability that everyone must admire.

Not only doing rescue missions on the beach but the group also concurrently functions as … detective and police. They do not mind the danger of investigating drug packages washed ashore by the waves,

The content of the movie is quite simple, similar to the original TV series. While running to explore the criminal conspiracy, the rescue team has to resolve the conflict between the members. Perhaps that is why the content is not unpredictable to the discerning audience and will offend those looking for a new, unique story.

The Rock duo – Zac Efron had a successful collaboration. The funny face, likable but somewhat honesty of The Rock, contrasts with the cool handsome, “player” of Zac. When placed side-by-side, the two create a team that is always on the verge of repetition, contrary to streak but cooperating very well.

Unfortunately, despite having a reputation from the original series with a cast of shining visuals, Baywatch is still “criticized” for its discrete story, lack of logic, and obscene comedy that not everyone can feel. receive. Lacking the charm but bearing the spirit of the ’90s, Baywatch seems old compared to the taste of contemporary audiences.

At first glance, it sounds like a detective movie, but in fact, the content of the Beach Rescue Team is extremely, extremely, very simple. If you watch the trailer, you just know that you know all the bosses between the bosses. The old tip with the details “solve” is nothing special. Generally speaking, the script is faithful to the drama type two decades ago, seeing scene 1 knows what scene 3 does. The criminals in the movie are so dumb that our heroes have little trouble exposing them. Well, but you won’t be frustrated by the lack of brain content, because …

Beach Rescue Team is not a movie made for you to enjoy the content, it just uses the content as an excuse for you to “wash your eyes” only. Blue sky, white sand, beautiful boys, beautiful girls; The movie is like a breeze on the beach. Other than that, you get comfortable viewing, even slow-motion movies make it easy to see. Beautiful boys and girls kick together, show off muscles and curves of all kinds from the beginning to the end of the movie.

This movie is also quite humorous, that kind of funny. The audience will have a period of ear washing with tons of hooking words of boss Mitch aimed at newcomer Matt Brody (Zac Efron). This kind of comedy actually hears it all the time, but if it comes from The Rock it’s a different story.

If I say I went to see the Beach Rescue Team just for Dwayne Johnson, it wouldn’t be too much. This guy has a rich predestined relationship, it will be funny to say whatever you do When he needs a chair, he also looks scary when he has to act like a leader. He can be considered as the most experienced actor in the cast of the film and he also saves the hot boy hot girl’s performances.

Zac Efron every time he appears in a new movie makes himself amazed by the increasing muscularity of the version. Girls might like, or maybe not. As for me, this guy’s acting charm is inversely proportional to his muscles. Remember when 17 Again, Zac Efron was praised for his emotional acting, escaping from the image of High School Musical. But standing next to Dwayne Johnson in this movie, Zac lost both strength and stature. Yes, but again, the girls can still like it, because the village is still handsome.

The female characters are even lighter, but I forgive them all, because of their hot, beautiful face. This movie girl is beautiful, healthy, and dynamic, has tanned skin, long straight legs, and a slim and athletic body that looks very cool, not sticky meat.

Kelly Rohrbach plays CJ, the hottest girl in Baywatch, and is always in slow motion every time she appears on the beach. Kelly used to be a swimwear model for Sports Illustrated magazine, which has a better swimwear model than all others, so the producer chose this girl to send the gold.

But in my opinion, Summer (Alexandra Daddario) is much prettier. Her face is more harmonious, and her green eyes light up as if electricity is an instant impression. This girl started to be famous after the filming of Percy Jackson: Lightning thief. In this movie, Alex meets his co-star Dwayne Johnson, two of who played father and son in the action movie San Andreas. My acting in Baywatch is not equal to San Andreas, but this movie wears a swimsuit.

Baywatch has a beautiful cast, hot from the front to the villain. The bad guy role is played by Priyanka Chopra, the hottest Indian actress in Hollywood right now. This sister won Miss World 17 years ago, but looking at her, you still understand the reason. Her Victoria role is the best of all the female characters.

Another thing I like about this movie is the music. You will see a lot of hit songs from the 90s and early 2000s brought in to recreate the feeling of “nostalgia”. Sounds good, but director Seth Gordon’s integration is just funny. Like some fiery oil rescue scenes where he deliberately slow motion and insert “fun” music in, it feels very difficult to help.


In conclusion, it is still difficult to deny the attraction from seductive bodies on the blue sea and white sand, isn’t it, “simple” audience? Perhaps you should enjoy this summer’s “cocktail” with moderate expectation. 

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