Batman Begins

Batman Begins is considered one of the 10 best films about the number 1 superhero character – Batman. Let’s assess it with in order to see why the film made 16 years ago is so highly criticized.

The Storyline

The film tells the story of Bruce Wayne, obsessed with the death of his parents from a young age. Growing up, he decided to become an icon, a hero to protect the city that was on the rotten-Gotham momentum. The first enemy with the plot to spread fear everywhere in the city buried Wayne’s umbilical cord cut vegetables. The first steps on batman’s path to becoming a legend began.


The first is about the soundtrack. The soundtrack is incredible, too good, as usual, Hans Zimmer.

I was quite surprised when I watched the movie because the twist was quite small, moreover it was very funny that made me laugh at home many times, different from Nolan’s film I considered recently. Generally not much different from the three superhero movies before. 

But if that’s the case, the movie isn’t Nolan’s, what makes Batman Begins different is the truth. It doesn’t make me think I’m watching a movie, I’m looking at something that’s only in my imagination. It made me see that Gotham is not real but extremely close, the people in the film are virtual but not virtual at all like Nolan is telling a true story from real people and facts. Instead of giving the feeling that the superheroes are “a bunch of cosplayers running around” (quoting Nelly), the film shows me that batman does not suddenly become Batman, dressed as a bat flying around everywhere that many reasons why the character led to the decision. If you think every superhero movie is the same, I’m in my subjective opinion, I disagree. There hasn’t been any film that shows that as close and convincing as Batman Begins. And so, it’s completely different from any superhero movie I’ve ever seen. That’s why I like Nolan, lying in a very honest way, lying to the level that no one thinks it’s a lying thing.

Next is the image. So beautiful. The scene in the mountain, the snow falling, is too majestic, if there is the 3D effect, it means it is really snowing in the house. But the most beautiful is the Gotham scene. Gotham in Batman Begins is a city with modern high-rise buildings everywhere, a concrete forest with lights that illuminate the night street, magnificent and flashy, but besides that, there is a slum with the building was messy, dirty, the clothesline was messed up, looked sad, dark. However, those who live in the skyscrapers are just using the building’s vanity to conceal their eroding conscience-Gotham is a city of decadence, of rulers The metamorphic function of the criminals who consider justice is trash, whatever you want to trample. The image of Gotham when Wayne’s parents lived was full of friendliness, joyful sunshine, but after the two died, the buildings seemed to lose their souls, only a pile of cold, emotionless bricks, witnessing the city step by step to the abyss nothing more and less. I like the train that connects the city again (thank you JKRowling), it used to be clean, spacious, over time, with the decline of the city, it became dirty, dirty and mundane. . All this shows that Gotham produces suffering and loss, “must be destroyed.” Also do not forget the scene of Bruce entering the Batcave, beautiful, extremely epic.

Next are the dialogue and the script. Oh, having to say while watching a movie and chattering no less than 10 times is too many lines, too, too good. Excessive! Watching that my heart is so happy, I think I want to fly up to 9 layers of blue clouds.

As for the characters, let’s talk about the antagonist in this previous installment — Ra’s al Ghul a.k.a Henri Ducard by Liam Neeson. When I first saw his face in the trailer, he always said, “What is he doing here?”. He is the one who trains all kinds of martial skills for Bruce. He believes that Gotham is too rotten, it is time to be destroyed in the form of “fun party always ends”, wants to “change the practice of heaven”. His thinking contradicts with Bruce in that when he fell into the hole and then filled the hole, not giving the fallen person a chance to stand up while Wayne’s father told him when small Bruce fell, “Why did I fall? To learn how to get up by ourselves ” And to fulfill his will, he cooperates with Scarecrow to spread fear throughout Gotham with a drug. Fear easily knocked people down, like me, inhaling that stuff in, if not dying later because drugs paralyze the nervous system, then die from seeing the hallucinations of snakes everywhere. Unfortunately, Henri coached a pupil so well, in the end, it gave him a promotion, it was true that it’s “a taste of your own medicine”.

Next is Jim Gordon – one of the rare good cops in Gotham. He was the first hero. Simply dressing up to comfort the frightened and agonized Bruce boy at his parents’ death. The villain will definitely haunt that boy for life. It is very likely that it will make the boy no longer believe in the good things when suddenly all the things he was taught dissipate according to the harsh unjust shot that takes his parents’ lives but only a very small action. That small can make confidence in the world, in Gotham restored.

Not to mention Lucius Fox, without him there would be no Batman. He was a brilliant man who made everything from armor and “little” toys for Bruce and was the one who didn’t call the psychiatrist when he learned what Bruce used to do with those items.

Next comes the main character — Bruce Wayne / Batman, my second favorite in the trilogy. This is an interesting character, a mixture of somewhat conflicting personalities, it’s more casual, closer, and more authentic. The way to build the character helps people see that Batman is not a saint, is also governed by ordinary things like many people. Bruce Wayne wears not only one, but up to two layers of masks: one is a warm boy with a lot of money to play for life and the other is Batman. At first, Wayne was haunted by the death of his parents at a very young age, his guilt gradually turned into anger and it easily controlled who he was.

Anger is something that can give people superpower, but once it dominates our mind, it kills themselves. The lesson Henri taught Bruce first was overcoming his own anger. Obviously, the teacher fell in love with a few words of provocation, but that was the lesson.

Our Batman has a childhood fear of falling wells, fear of… bats. At first, I thought this was a joke. The second lesson is to tame your fear. In a panic of fear, reason can evaporate in less than a second, leading to stupid actions and easy to reveal. This time it worked, bat was, in part, no longer a huge obsession for Bruce.

The face of a playboy billionaire who is not afraid of the rain not only hides the identity of Batman but also to hide the sadness and loneliness of Bruce. The death of his parents was the biggest obsession in Wayne’s life, it shaped him and his personality. It made him consider eliminating evil as his duty, a way to get Gotham back to the way it was, not entirely good, but better than the state of the city right now.

Once becoming Batman is daring to endure the loneliness. Certainly, a lot of money who likes to play with cannot have a real friend. Becoming Batman is to dare to accept injury and danger to life, dare to accept becoming an outlaw, dare to lose sleep to patrol the rooftops of Gotham at night. It takes courage and an acceptance of sacrifice in order to pursue one’s ideal.

Adult, somewhat “autistic”, but part of himself Bruce is still a stubborn kid. Something like the part where he was going to demolish the house; when he discovered the Batcave, covered by a waterfall, so he ran to catch the water and smiled immediately; the whole part of the house burned down, in that elevator, like a frightened child; I just swam with a girl and met Rachel, a two-handed billionaire who stood in front of his lover stammering.

Finally my favorite character in this trilogy – housekeeper Alfred. After Bruce’s parents died, he was the one who raised the boy. Considering quite a few films, the definition of family is no longer a person with the same bloodline, but someone who truly and unconditionally loves us. Bruce is not a family member but he is always with him. The one who dared to believe in the son’s plan to protect Gotham without having the intention of bringing him in 192 Ham Tu, the one who brought his girlfriend home, the one who made breakfast for lunch and dinner and woke him up every day. day, helping him with the necessary things, being the one standing next to him when he was bedridden for two days because of being poisoned, someone he trusted to deliver all his possessions and called when he needed help, who but he asks to keep his friends at the birthday party, who remembers what date he was born, who is most concerned about his life, who reminds him of his family’s honor when he was immortal, who did not feel angry when he thought of his lover first, who held him in his arms and said that it was not his fault that his parents died, who he dared to confess. confide and show his childishness, someone who saves it from the fire and revives it when it falls, someone who believes in it forever, someone who never abandons it, and certainly, he’s the only person who loves Bruce Wayne wholeheartedly and really. He is not just a mere housekeeper but a father of Bruce. Another reason I like this character is that he’s the one with the most amusing lines in the movie.

Evil wins only when good people do nothing. In everyone, there is the presence of goodness, but since we cannot overcome fear and have no faith in each other and ourselves, we dare not do anything when seeing the dreadful dread. The people of Gotham are not completely corrupt, they are good people, but as they get used to the everyday and immediate evil, the good part of them gets buried and forgotten. At this time, the appearance of Batman is exactly what the city needs, a pioneer, to dare to speak up for justice and reason, awakening the human conscience here. As long as one person dares to stand up, others will surely be too. The things that Gotham encountered, I also encountered, what Gotham needed, I also needed very much. Batman has become a symbol of human belief in good.

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