Bad Boys for Life Review: The sweet return of “bad boy”

The return of the Bad Boys for Life (season 3 of the Bad Boys franchise) saw a duo of cops face the pressure of old age and hidden enemies.

17 years after Bad Boys II, the movie Bad Boys for Life returns in the sunny city of Miami. The “bad boys” are now two middle-aged policemen, but that does not make the work any less humorous and dramatic.

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In the movie Bad Boys for Life, the two main characters are Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), after 25 years working as a police officer, now one has to dye his beard, the other already has grandchildren. While Marcus wants to retire to look after grandchildren, Mike is still engrossed in pursuing a career of “bad boy”: single life, crime hunt, stylish dress. Different future orientations make two close colleagues distant. At one time Mike almost died from being assassinated, the two once again returned to the game and “smote” a few gangster’s heads.

Compared to Bad Boys from nearly 20 years ago, Mike Lowrey of that day was almost unchanged from Mike Lowrey of Bad Boys for Life. With still the aggressive, narcissistic type that only Will Smith can play in order not to overdo it, Mike makes the audience feel close in the first moment back to the screen.

However, his flashiness seems to have become out of this world. Good car, fashionable outfit, or slang words are now teased by juniors. Mike “bulletproof” was soon defeated by a criminal, then he also released that video online. The rough crime measures of Lowrey became a joke for AMMO – a high-tech special forces team specializing in solving urban problems. Ironically, AMMO is led by Lowrey’s crush: the beautiful girl Rita (Paola Núñez). It all seemed like a reminder to Mike that 25 years as a cop comes at a cost to health, life, and morality.

The man most clearly enduring the ravages of time is probably Marcus. The uncle is now bloated, his eyes are poor, his spirit is no longer burning like his friend Mike. Marcus knew better than anyone what he wanted, but he could not sit still and ignore when he watched Mike get caught up in the revenge game. The difference in the way of thinking and acting of Mike and Marcus has created countless half crying, half laughing situations like Hot Fuzz, which seems very outdated on the 2020 screen.

Besides the main duo, the supporting cast is quite fuzzy, especially when it comes to the villains. The criminals of mother and son who take revenge on Mike and Marcus can be labeled “evil like the beast of prey”, but quite useless in situations where logical thinking is most needed, especially the son cannot think himself but depends too much on his mother for making decisions. Meanwhile, Rita’s AMMO group does not have many opportunities for the members to reveal more personalities. This is a pity because some actors in the group are completely able to do better if the screenwriter of the movie cares about feminism.

Movie Bad Boys for Life – Enough humor, eye-catching action

One of the reasons that the movie Bad Boys for Life has won sympathy from the audience is its ability to balance very well between humor and emotion, between the “raw but true” jokes and mixed emotional moments. There was still the never-ending comedy of Marcus and Mike, but there was a break of age as the two looked at the years remaining ahead.

Sincere advice from Marcus and his colleagues to Mike, as he just recovered from the attack and just concentrated to catch the mastermind, is enough to make the audience feel poignant. But just a few minutes later, Uncle Marcus’s clumsiness released the audience’s mind immediately.

The imprint of the “king of explosion” Michael Bay is still there in the racing, fiery shooting, in the image of hot beauty and cool soldier although this time the movie Bad Boys for Life has been given to director duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The action scenes of the third movie “bad boy” are choreographed quite coherently, majestic with many scenes from the street to inside the building, the palace.

The racing and helicopters alone are one of the most beautiful highlights of the movie and of course memorable because of the coordination of the two wacky police uncles. If you don’t mind the content of a Mexican-colored telenovela, get ready to be amazed by a fairly sensible script of a comedy – action like Bad Boys for Life.

Some films are born for the director’s lofty artistic purposes. Others are experiments for new filmmaking technologies. And some, simply, is an innocuous masculine entertainment, banter, and fun for those with low expectations, of which Bad Boys for Life is one such product. The film did well with what it had, even more, attractive than the previous two “bad boys” to remind us that at least Will Smith has been able to make a decent entertainment movie in recent years.

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