Baby Driver

Baby Driver is a movie genre that the general public often calls Oscar film, that is, someone will praise it on the clouds while the rest will throw bricks because they do not understand what it is about. Director Edgar Wright has created a masterpiece, but the audience perceives how much part is another story. Let’s assess it with right now

The Plot

Baby Driver follows the main character named Baby (played by Ansel Elgort), a young driver who specializes in driving the escape for the robbery boss Doc (Kevin Spacey). Due to a catastrophic accident since childhood, Baby always suffered from buzzing in the ears and had to plug in headphones to focus and reduce the excitement. Baby has always raised a desire to wash hands on the steering wheel, and this wish is even more intense after Baby falls in love with the beautiful waitress Debora (Lily James). But the crime spiral is not easy for Baby to escape, especially in the presence of the two-hand robbers Bats (Jamie Fox) and Buddy (Jon Hamm).


Baby Driver is a “classic” story. Baby wants to be a good person, despite the fact that he is a criminal, and he realizes that only violence can help him escape violence, the right kind of American action. Baby Driver has a simple and familiar storyline that you have encountered dozens of times in car heist movies. The story actually still has some lack of logic and inconsistency in character, especially in the ending, leading to a slightly weasel-tailed elephant head, but in general, the content is still enough to keep the attention of the audience until the very last minute.

Baby Driver does not have a racing-style that challenges the laws of physics like Fast and Furious, it is the kind of action that pushes the viewer low on the edge of the seat because each turn, every steering stroke, one throttle can be synonymous. with death. The racing tracks in Baby Driver are all stunt driving stunts that do not use CGI.

Edgar Wright is in the chair where he can write a simple story, but his film is certainly not that simple. Edgar Wright is the host of the video game-style comedy Scott Pilgrim vs the World and the Flavors Cornetto trilogy, including Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. You may or may not like this British director/screenwriter’s films, but you can hardly forget them because Wright’s movies are crazy and the music is super cool.

Edgar Wright has cherished the movie concept of an avid music getaway driver since 1995, after listening to the blues-punk blues-punk Bellbottoms Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on the cassette tape (which of course came out full of honor in the act of hitting the steering wheel stretched like the opening string). However, only eight years later, Wright had the opportunity to test the idea when directing the video clip Blue Song for the group Mint Royale. This MV caught the attention of a big movie man who, after watching the MV, immediately said that it should be made into a movie: JJ Abrams.

Baby Driver is not just a racing/bank robbery movie. If you just want to see a good driver chasing, people have seen Fast and Furious. It’s not really a musical, either, Baby Driver is a racing movie driven by music. Baby driving, and music driving Baby. The music of the film is not simply the sound element as in other movies, but is part of the “personality” of the film, leading the story, controlling the rhythm of each scene, and even expressing the characters’ emotions. . From the throttle and drifting to the crazy rhythm of “Bellbottoms” at the beginning of the movie to the beats of B … A … B … Y … When Baby saw Debora, the characters moved exactly to the rhythm of the songs. Looks like Edgar Wright isn’t looking for a perfect tracklist for the movie, that makes a perfect movie for songs. Wright even collaborated with Ryan Heffington, the choreographer for Sia’s Chandelier song, to choreograph the characters’ every action.

One thing that is a bit overwhelming is that in order to fully capture the feelings of the movie, you must hear all the lyrics. This is a bit difficult, but even if you do not understand what the song says, you can still feel the rhythm and the general spirit of the music, unless you do not like the music of this movie only. In Shaun of the Dead, there is a scene where 3 characters smash and kill a zombie with a billiard stick on the background of the Queen’s song Don’t Stop Me Now.

After the music, the character is another strong point of Edgar Wright. He always has a way of building crazy characters without being crazy, talking a lot without chattering, and especially always has a back story (kind of a life story, past events that make up the character’s character. but not always mentioned in the movie). Baby is probably the least spoken character ever in the Edgar Wright films.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Fox has demonstrated the weight of a golden statue when playing the role of bandit Bats. Bats love to kill people, sometimes because of need, sometimes because he likes it, just to steal some gum bars. Bats seem like the opposite of sober and plagiarized Buddy, something audiences will have to think about again soon. The role Buddy can say is the role that made Jon Hamm out of Don Draper’s big shadow. Buddy and his wife Darling are Bonnie and Clyde, Harley and Joker from Baby Driver. But the film’s focus belongs to the main star: Ansel Elgort.

It’s hard to think that Ansel Elgort could star in an action movie, because his face is so dandy, with his role in The Fault in Our Stars still impressive. But Ansel’s baby face turned out to be perfectly suited for the role of Baby. Emotional when sitting behind the wheel, bewildered to see the beautiful Debora, or indignantly suppressing when witnessing Bats kill indiscriminately …, these expressions are in interesting contrast when shown on the face. flickered Ansel’s milk. The role of Baby is another testament to Ansel’s talent, after The Fault. This guy may not possess the superior acting techniques like his seniors, but the ability to completely transform into the character is commendable. Ansel Elgort himself is a music player so the guy feels the beat very well. Standing next to bloody seniors like Kevin Spacey or Jamie Fox.


In short, Baby Driver is a good movie, but at the same time, a movie is a bit difficult for the audiences. Especially when it comes out very heartily, allowing the audience to experience the soundtrack perfectly … without subtitles. In general, before watching this movie, you not only have to consider the content and actors but also wonder how well you are listening to Western music.

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