Dear all of you who love cinema, art for everyone. Cinema for you and me can be entertaining, for some it is a place for them to express themselves, and for others, it is a place to help them realize their craziest dreams. Moviereviews.to is probably in part because of the aftermath of the AVATAR movie, Moviereviews.to has been living a dream, seeing beautiful things like love, sacrifice, and also, to see the evil things like evil, greed, and human filial piety.

AVATAR content summary

In a not too distant future, in 2154, when people have fully exploited the earth’s resources, the earth is now just a barren area, with no trees, no minerals. Human science and technology level at this time is quite good, we can go to other planets and exploit the products here to serve the needs of the Earth people.

During the journeys, people find a pristine planet called Pandora (Pandora in Greek mythology is a box full of curiosity, whoever opens it will unleash many surprises and evil. In society, perhaps people named this planet Pandora to say that they do not understand much about this planet). The intelligent creature living on Pandora is the Na’vi race, these are tall, blue-skinned, tail-made and with extraordinary powers, but they live very peacefully and love nature very much. . The Na’vi and the creatures here do not breathe oxygen, so when living and working here, it is necessary to wear oxygen masks.

In Pandora, there is a mineral that, when brought back to earth, can be sold at the price of $ 20 million a kg, it is really a lucrative bait for large corporations, they have built many research facilities in Pandora. the purpose is to make the most simple extraction of the minerals of this planet. Because humans could not breathe the air here, the scientists extracted the Na’vi gene and combined it with the human gene, and then cloned out Na’vi human copies with the earth human gene. each of these human clones would need to be controlled by the owner of the gene since these Na’vi clones would embody an Earth person so they were called avatars.

Jake Sully is a marine discharged from spinal injury resulting in paralysis, Jake’s twin brother is a scientist who volunteered to work at Pandora, Jake’s younger brother was For the gene, this genome was used to create an avatar, but then he died in battle, and since no one else could control the avatar except the one with the matching gene, Jake was invited to come on. Pandora to continue controlling her brother’s avatar. Jake left with a promise that when he finished his mission, he would be given money to change his legs, allowing him to walk normally.

In Jake’s mind this was just a mission like so many other quests, he agreed, he controlled his brother’s avatar easily, and for the first time since being paralyzed, Jake was free. run and jump thanks to your avatar. In order to control an avatar, one has to be inside a box with certain connections, humans will be put into a state of unconsciousness and consciousness will be wirelessly transferred to their avatar, according to this movie. then the operator and the avatar can be hundreds of miles apart, but it’s okay (similar to Anderson controlling The One in The Matrix).

Jake controls his avatar, he merges with the Na’vi community and falls in love with the daughter of a tribe’s patriarch named Neytiri, the longer he lives with his avatar body, the more Jake thinks this is the life. living his real life, but the human body is just a dream and he gradually forgets his main purpose of infiltrating Na’vi society and advising them to give up his sacred land, which is lying on a huge mineral mine.

Humans, after a period of being impatient with the plan to find out and penetrate into society, Na’vi decided to use force, they brought guns and death to people who loved nature. This sociable, Jake now realizes that the true nature of war, of humanity, is always meaningless and violent, has helped the Na’vi stand up against this invasion, help bring peace to Pandora’s planet.

Feelings after watching this movie.

First of all, it must be affirmed that this is a wonderful and meaningful cinematographic work, you will be happy, excited, you will also feel upset and disappointed. What is happening in the film is also happening every day on this earth, self-civilized people are invading the land of many wild tribes in the jungle, unfortunately, the tribes don’t have the strength to resist this invasion.

In terms of special effects, this is probably the best CGI movie I’ve ever seen, hardly any scene would make you think this is a lie, is not real (though the beasts and The plants in the movie are nothing like those on earth.) You’ve seen a lot of movies that use CGI throughout, like Star War, but for sure you won’t feel like you, you still see something virtual, making me think “oh, this is the scene. It’s real, it’s true “but AVATAR really made me admire from start to finish but forgot that the Na’vi people are not real, the plants, the flying birds there are not living things in real life

AVATAR was shot with professional Sony film cameras, which have been modified to suit 3D movie shooting. According to the manufacturer, these camcorders will produce great results, 3D effects will be reproduced excellently and vividly, AVATAR is the results of 4 years of work, and I think The fruits of these 4 years of labor are wonderful.

I highly recommend that if you want to enjoy the cinema and immerse yourself in the movie, you should watch the 2D version first, watching 3D may surprise you, but sometimes the 3D effect will make you not rewarded. Keep up the full movie.

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