Artemis Fowl

In general, find that the Disney adaptation film has a terrible plot and does not use the majority of scenes in Vietnam as introduced in the trailer.

The main character of Artemis Fowl is the genius boy Artemis Fowl Jr. (Ferdia Shaw). His father, Artemis Fowl Sr. (Colin Farrell), a successful antique trader. He always spends little spare time sharing Irish folk tales with his son.

One day, Artemis’ father was kidnapped by a stranger. She gave him three days to hand over the antiques of Aculos. At this time, the boy discovered the truth about fairy tales, and the Fowl had quietly protected powerful antiques for generations.

Based on family materials, Artemis Fowl Jr. and loyal bodyguard Dom Butler (Nonso Anozie) plan to rescue his father, as well as track down the identity of the villain.

A buggy version of Harry Potter

After the huge success of the wizarding series, many studios began adapting teenage novels to the big screen. However, most groups failed quickly or were of low quality. Disney also made no secret of its ambitions to turn Artemis Fowl into the next Harry Potter.

The film initially caused curiosity when building the fairy world in Haven – a city located thousands of meters underground. This is home to many creatures in European folk tales such as fairies, dwarves, centaurs …

Thanks to the power of skill, the underground city appears colorful with a mixture of fairy and modern in a steampunk style. The mysterious creatures have both magic and advanced technologies such as airplanes, face scanners, time-condensing devices … Thanks to that, they can preserve their identities from their grasp mankind.

However, the promising element is ultimately wasted. Fairy races built in the direction of the fairy are always beautiful and kind, Dwarves love treasure so they often steal, and goblins are violent thugs. Haven only appeared in a few scenes, then disappeared. After that, the movie scene took place almost exclusively in a single location, the Fowl mansion.

The mystery of the war between humans and fairies is also only shown through a few lines, not deepened in detail. Compared to the same stereotypical fantasy worlds as The Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Narnia, or even Bright (2017), Artemis Fowl suddenly becomes simple and doesn’t have any worthwhile highlights.

The script is boring and irrational

Due to wanting the work to be more child-friendly, Disney has changed the plot of Artemis Fowl a lot compared to the original. This greed has been expressed by the “rat house” through A Wrinkle in Time (2018) and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018). Again, it turned out to be counterproductive, leaving the film without a clear audience. The work is too complicated and confusing for children, but bland for adults.

In the novel of the same name, Artemis Fowl is a real criminal. He deliberately attacked and blackmailed the elves to restore his fortune after his father died, his mother went mad. During the search for The Book of the People – the Haven bible, Artemis Fowl Jr. and Dom went to Ho Chi Minh City to meet the fairy, Opal Koboi.

The first trailer of the film revealed many scenes in Vietnam with the participation of actress Hong Chau. However, they were all cut off in the final film. Now, motherless Artemis reluctantly has to become a criminal to save his father’s life. The Fowl family has also been “bleached” as protectors of antiques from the hands of bad guys for hundreds of years.

From here, Artemis Fowl revealed a myriad of ridiculously absurd loopholes. In the movie, Artemis knows that her father is the one holding the Aculos of the elves. However, he kidnapped the goddess Holly (Lara McDonnell) to … force them to hand over this treasure. Both characters, which hated each other and at both ends of the front line, suddenly became close after a few words, and even soon became “best friends” right after.

The work says that Artemis Fowl Jr. Being a criminal genius with the ability to plan the best, but this is not clear. The powerful and modern elf was quickly and easily defeated by a 12-year-old boy. Then there are long verbal fighting between the characters without any particular purpose. The film almost destroys the original writer Eoin Colfer by erasing all the clever calculations of the main character.

From here on, the work just takes place in a peaceful manner without any unexpected climaxes or knots. Everything is ultimately resolved incredibly simple. The action scenes in the movie are not dramatic when the characters keep chasing each other, causing the surrounding objects to break, but no one is injured or scratched.

Artemis Fowl’s antagonistic line is also an equally funny joke. The mysterious character is enough to restore the military command to a criminal, but in the end, he only shows danger through words, but cannot do anything concretely. She clearly had a mental problem not to kidnap Artemis and force his father to hand over Aculos and to do the opposite.

Cutting scenes and changing content significantly affect movie quality. In many passages, viewers easily recognize the fragmentary and sloppy clipping of the character into the frame. In the end, the movie goes by easily without leaving nothing but feeling bored.

Josh Gad saved the acting factor

Role as Artemis Fowl Jr. Probably the oversized shirt for child actor Ferdia Shaw. He did not show the image of a genius who was able to be two steps ahead of his opponent, just always being arrogant, despising others.

Shaw has not yet expressed the feelings of a boy losing a father he loves so much. A similar situation happened with Lara McDonnell. Therefore, the fact that Artemis and Holly quickly sympathized with the same situation proved unconvincing to the audience.

The role of Julius Root by veteran actress Judi Dench is too monotonous and does not have much land to show. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell joined the project after Disney decided to change the content and filmed many scenes. Obviously, the actor does not have enough time to prepare for the role, making the love of the Fowl family not strong enough and emotional.

Josh Gad, surprisingly, is the most impressive name in acting. The comedian plays the role of Mulch Diggums – a dwarf capable of stealing supernatural. Because of his large body, he was discriminated against by his fellow men and looked down on by other races. However, the character is always happy with a humorous personality. This is a role with many interesting psychological changes.

Overall, Artemis Fowl was a failure due to Disney’s own ambitions. The company should target audiences, especially teenagers as the original work did, instead of creating an unfinished, oversized product.

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