With, let’s see why Aquaman received so many compliments from critics.

It has been suggested that Aquaman is the best DC film or Aquaman can revive the cinematic universe, then Aquaman is “Avatar underwater version.” In general, a lot of praise is given to the newly released film by Asian-born director James Wan. If you are interested, this 41-year-old has also directed very successful films such as Fast & Furious 7, The Conjuring. James Wan’s appearance in the superhero movie district created a new breeze blowing into DCEU. Here, he is free to be creative, struggling. Especially with very little underwater space exploited on the screen, the potential to explode, impress the audience is greater.

This is the first DC film to take place entirely underwater. With elaborate investment in terms of craftsman, Aquaman has recreated a world of vibrant, vibrant, rich seas that please the audience. Clearly, computer image simulation technology has taken cinema to the next level. Cities, vehicles, marine animals are shaped very sharp, creative, smooth. The army of seahorses, sharks with shiny armor, perfect to every detail of the city of Atlantis majestic layers of color – an aquatic civilization rich in history and extremely prosperous, similar to Wakanda in Black Panther. The floating, looming, blurry underwater world brings a different feeling, causing the viewer to fall into a different reality when watching intently. Thanks to the expansion of the area, Aquaman has an advantage that owns the action on both the ground and under the sea, something that has never appeared in an action film.

It can be said that Aquaman creates balance when approaching the undersea world, reducing the burden on Wonder Woman in DC and becoming the same challenge as Thor at Marvel. A man in the sky has a god hammer, a man in the ocean with a big trident.

The difference of Aquaman is easily recognizable compared to the previous DC series in that its colors are much brighter, brighter, more vivid. If not, the previous films often have more or less gloomy colors or content. This innovation creates a more upbeat, fun, and youthful atmosphere for the DC cinematic universe. However, if a movie has only monumental techniques is not enough. It needs a good storyline. And that’s not too bad for Aquaman.

With the integration of stories of family affection, love, environmental messages, and ancient legends, the film is more dynamic, rich, and attractive – similar to Avengers: Infinity War with a combination of scientific and spiritual content. When modern elements and fairy tales are blended, it creates a new reaction in the audience’s mind. It’s like watching Mission Impossible at the same time as The Lord of The Rings.

The film has a climax, with humorous details (but only at the level of entertainment, but not yet as smart and sharp as in Wonder Woman.) In addition, the film has a series of action scenes. Exciting, epic superhero. Although computer technology is available in hand, the director cleverly allocates so that the key characters still have realistic action scenes.

With a huge cast, delicious and attractive appearance, and generous and sensitive acting, Aquaman has another plus point for himself. In particular, the male lead Jason Momoa has played the role of King Atlantis excellently, if not perfect. Regardless of his cool, impressive visuals, Jason has shown Arthur’s personality very clearly – he’s a true warrior. Arthur not only has in himself the innocence, wildness, and generosity, but also a sense of humor and impulse. Not to mention, talking about Arthur’s hidden abilities as a child is also how the film inspires young audiences to follow this film.

Jason Momoa has also played the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. With a muscular, tall physique and a masculine angular face, he is very suitable for heroic warrior characters. And this Aquaman is a perfect incarnation.

However, besides a lot of positive reviews, the movie also has some grain. Although it is new and monumental, it does not mean it is the best in DC movies in particular or superhero movies in general. Maybe people praised Aquaman more than because he was disappointed with Justice League before. If you consider Aquaman as an indie film, in my opinion, it is not enough to make people shaken, dizzy admired.

Specifically, some emotional scenes are not mature enough because the characters interact with each other emotionally not much. The audience has a lot of excitement and excitement by the majestic scenes throughout the movie, but there is little sedimentation in the soul. The music is majestic and novel, but there are passages that are inappropriate and too modern in a mysterious context. Not to mention, some irrational details appear such as the character who withstands high pressure underwater but standing a little bit off the ground a few hands, he needs support (to build a romantic scene.) Iron skin dared to jump hundreds of meters from the plane, but cling to it to avoid falling from the roof a few meters.

In addition, there are empty, silent scenes that make the character’s acting or speech at that time, though very eloquent, cannot avoid being awkward and lost. The lines in the film are forced, stereotyped, do not cause much impression or emotion, around and around there are only “connecting the two worlds” and “be the king.” The whole film, I love each of these lines, reflecting the whole spirit of Aquaman, and also the spirit of a superhero movie.

Arthur Curry: But what could be greater than a king?

Mera: A hero.

Aquaman has a lot of similarities with other blockbuster movies, which can be called learning or patchwork, depending on each person. For example, the scene boats were washed ashore like a film of 2012, jousting underwater like The Lord of The Rings, chase scene on the roof like Mission Impossible: Fall Out, cityscape Altantis like Star Wars, etc …

Anyway, basically, Aquaman is a movie worth watching, a breeze in the almost saturated superhero world. The movie has after credits, it is expected that there will be Aquaman 2, please remember to stay in theaters to watch. 8/10 is the score for Aquaman

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