Let’s criticize a worth-seeing sci-fi movie: Annihilation with

Introduction of the movie

Annihilation – a very strange name, I didn’t even know how to read it at first. This film is currently being interested in many young people who have a hobby of prying confusing things. However, this movie is really as complicated as it is rumored, all will be below.

What makes me first attracted to Annihilation is nothing but the heroine of the movie – Natalie Portman. This is the second time Black Swan has appeared in an abstract work like this.

The Plot

Annihilation tells about Lena, a biologist. Her husband – Kane, is a soldier, who has been involved in a secret mission and has yet to find his whereabouts.

A year later, Kane suddenly returned. The couple reunited for a moment had problems again: Kane spurted blood into the glass of water as it reached her mouth.

The ambulance came to take two people away. On the way, an armed force suddenly controlled the car, bringing the two of them to a secret base.

Here, Lena meets Dr. Ventress. She revealed to her the mysterious land located directly opposite the base, hidden under a brilliant film of seven rainbow colors. Exactly Kane got in there with his teammates, and now he’s out of the woods.

For some inexplicable reason, Lena quietly accepted that she would join Ventress and three other female scientists into the Destroy Zone.

Not only is the journey to explore a strange land, but also the obscure corners of the past between Lena and Kane. Please find out for yourself before reading on.

Movie review

The first thing that comes to your mind after the end of the movie is probably what it really means. Really, just paying a little attention to the identity of the group of 5 women, and Kane as well, you can already guess some of the author’s intentions. It is a deadlock in life and whatever life is coming. It sounds a bit okay.

Kane agrees to participate in the secret project just because he finds out that his wife is having an affair. Lena also entered the Destruction Zone with an equally indescribable attitude: feeling sorry for her husband. Something’s wrong, right? In the other 4 women, I only see Ventress as having one more plausible reason – cancer.

At first, I was quite confused about why women and girls accepted to take guns to go to the place, but even if the men did not return, after paying a little attention to each member, they figure out their real reason.

I find this idea unconvincing and quite loose, but this is probably the biggest idea the filmmaker has put in place. Compared to the Enemy or Mr. Nobody, I feel that Annihilation’s delivery style has something quite three dots.

The producer should have added details that show the suffering of each person, the film will be appreciated, instead of just through a few lines like that.

Annihilation is told in a non-linear structure, a kind of expression that is very pleasing to those who love brain damage. However, it will not be complicated if you mess up.

Right from the beginning of the movie, when I saw a woman sitting in a dumbbell, in front of a person wearing an anti-poison suit, I also imagined somewhat that this movie had put the end on top and did not follow. chronological in the next paragraphs.

The content of the film is divided into three main scenes interwoven: Lena from teaching in university until exploring the Destroyer Zone, Lena isolated, and memories of her sinful past Miss. It really doesn’t take too much focus to capture these details.

What makes Annihilation really confusing is the scene of Lena inside the lighthouse. Here, she discovers the truth about Kane through the camera and is also confronted with “another version” of her.

Lena and the “shadow” had a bale-style grappling dance that looked too abstract. According to his wind-cutting experience, this passage speaks of Lena’s ideological struggle against her own guilt (listening to philosophy).

At the end of the movie, you will also be a little curious when Lena discovered this Kane is “not her husband”, but still accepts “him”. However, when looking into Lena’s eyes, it shows that even though she escaped from the Destroyer Zone, she was no longer the same. It seems like a transformation has taken place in the lighthouse.

Besides the content, ideas, and storytelling, there is only one thing left to say about the movie. That soundtrack. There is a strange oddity that when a sci-fi film uses a guitar soundtrack, the sound is usually only found in movies with gentle content.

However, this is what impressed me the most, it both creates a feeling of new, rustic, and sincere like a narrative of the insiders.

The film’s visuals are real and eye-catching, of course, as it was born in this era.

In addition, at first, I thought that Annihilation was merely a science fiction movie, who thought it contained a lot of horror details. There were a few scenes that had goosebumps after finishing watching.

And that is my explanation as well as my feelings about Annihilation, a movie that I consider to be only acceptable, the details are unnatural and do not leave much impression.

It’s understandable now that it’s 2018, a time when an idea is becoming more scarce than oil. Perhaps a few years from now, it is impossible to contemplate cinematographic works that break all barriers.

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