Annabelle Comes Home

Here is the review by about Annabell Comes Home-a so-Disney movie. The film has incorporated many details that have the potential to develop in the universe The Conjuring.

Hollywood Annabelle’s most famous haunted doll has officially reappeared in part 3 of the private series of The Conjuring universe titled Annabelle Comes Home (Vietnamese title: Annabelle: The Devil returns). Different from the previous two films, this blockbuster focuses on the character of the Warren family daughter – Judy, and the night of her horror and her friends in her own estate.

“Night of Terror” but lacks an explosive ending

Despite their appearances in the movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively) only have a cameo role because this time Annabelle Comes Home will swirl deeply into their drinking daughter – Judy Warren (played by McKenna Grace). After being brought home and sealed, Annabelle was officially rested in a Trinity glass case.

However, a nightmare arose in the night when Warren and his wife were away, and the house had the appearance of a babysitter Mary Allen (Madison Iseman), and her curious nosy friend Daniela (Katie Sarife). For some reason, Daniela unintentionally released Annabelle from the seal, turning the doll into a “magnet” that attracted the attention of the surrounding souls and other haunted objects. The night of horror officially begins in the Warren estate, but is the movie in fact a “rumored” impression?

First of all, Annabelle Comes Home scored by the top “scare” phase as usual, with a way to slowly lead the audience and take advantage of this wonderful angle by director Gary Dauberman. However, this is also a fatal knife that makes the film suffocate due to too many “jump scare” phases as if wanting to fill the plot with a lack of emphasis.

In terms of content, if you consider it carefully, this time Annabelle Comes Home is no different from a Disney-colored story on a certain moonless Halloween night, and in a certain house the spoiled children caused trouble. puff, and finally deal with them in comical panic before the adults go home early in the morning. The ending is not as spectacular as the previous one, and the film is only memorable in the scary parts only a few minutes apart, so much that it makes the audience feel overwhelmed.

With co-screenwriters James Wan and Gary Dauberman combined, Annabelle Comes Home should have been better than that. However, it is not possible to ask too much in the title of the film which was originally oriented to focus on Judy Warren, and of course, she cannot be as good and bold as her parents. The film has a fanciful tone with the integration of casual teenage stories, and it would be good if this is an episode in a hit series like Stranger Things or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Teaser The Conjuring 3?

Entering the home of the world-famous exorcist couple, no one can resist the curiosity not only of the mysterious room containing cursed items, but also a rich source of documents. Ed and Lorraine each tackled. Among them, the characters when sneaking into Ed’s office mentioned the incident in Essex, England related to the name “Ramsey”.

It is known that this is a real case about “British werewolf” Bill Ramsey, and is one of the few cases of “werewolves” that require the intervention of exorcism. Ed and Lorraine, with the help of bishop McKenna, successfully free the ill-fated musician from evil spirits and restore peace to the local people.

Not only is the Annabelle Comes Home documentary about this mysterious and special case, but there is also a short video recording of Ed exorcizing Bill. Most likely this will be the way that James Wan “teased” for The Conjuring 3 because long ago many sources said that part 3 of the main series of the horror universe will take place in the UK, and will award decide a case involving werewolves.

However, in a recent interview, James Wan revealed a few details about The Conjuring 3 plot, and it is not the same as what happened in the Bill Ramsey case. Specifically, the film will be released in the fall of 2020, with a story that James Wan said was “for the first time in American history a defendant used hauntedness as evidence in court”.

Since then, many fans have speculated that The Conjuring 3 will be inspired by the “Devil Made Me Do It” case in 1981, in which a man named Arne Cheyenne Johnson confessed to being a boy 11 age David Glatzel (now haunted) controls to murder homeowner Alan Bono. In a nutshell, it is still unclear which direction The Conjuring 3 will “drive” in any direction, but the details of the Ramsey “werewolf” are definitely not just bringing in Annabelle Comes Home for more excitement.

The characters may have their movies in the future

In addition to the “werewolf” Bill Ramsey case that once rampaged Britain, Annabelle Comes Home also introduces viewers to a series of other “scary” names in the gallery, and audiences believe that some of them will most likely have their own movies in the conjuring universe.

Among them, perhaps the story of the wedding dress and the Samurai name will have much potential to make their own films, while The Man who drives the hell can be in the direction of “word of mouth folk” like The Curse of La Llorona. For now, the future directions of The Conjuring universe remain unclear, and perhaps the series about Annabelle will end here. The Nun 2 and its own film about Crooked Man are also quite expected, and about the story later, the audience should still wait for the best.

Overall, Annabelle Comes Home is not as excellent as expected but is none of a complete ending to the red-haired haunted doll series. This is also a tribute to the Warrens and their contributions to the field of spirituality and witchcraft, and let’s see if Judy is the next “legend” in James Wan’s horror universe.

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