American Made is bringing you a crazy and ridiculous story of law dodging through American Made. “American Made” recounts the process of forming an American dream in turbulent years with an opportunist like Barry Seal.

There are pilots who go down in history because of the great landings that saved hundreds of lives. There are pilots who are remembered for their great victories for the Fatherland. And Tom Cruise’s Barry Seal in American Made owns a record including espionage, reconnaissance, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering … America, at least on screen, and the audience then wonders about this human nature beside the two cunning words.

The Story

Sort of, the film revolves around a political scandal that up to now, most Americans no one remembers. It is a series of events in the 1970s and 80s that relate to the policy line of presidents. The United States wants to borrow hands from organizations in South America to control its political influence, while at the same time to curb the manipulation of drug cartels here.

Ritchie Norton said: “You can’t judge a person by the way he behaves when things go wrong, but how he deals when things go wrong.” In American Made, things are “wrong too wrong” as to how the hell can a lowly civilian become an asset so valuable that the White House dares not move.

But for someone who has just worked for the DEA (the US Drug Prevention Agency), the CIA (the US Central Intelligence Agency), and Pablo Escobar (the second biggest-number smuggling in Columbia history), The above can completely happen.

Initially hired by the CIA with the task of flying a shiny plane to photograph South American insurgents, Seal realized that the poor remuneration was not enough to support his wife and children. So he hooked up with the legendary drug gang in Medellin (Colombia) to smuggle cocaine into the United States, then set up a transboundary drug transport service while still performing political missions for the muscle. intelligence agency of the country.



If you love the image of Tom Cruise with the image of a hero, perhaps this movie is not for you. The film depicts an “anti-hero” Barry Seal, sly, deceitful, filtered, but also very attractive. Previously, there was an anti-hero role of Tom Cruise that I really liked that was Vincent in Collateral. An assassin has a cold face and silver hair like a wolf, a kind of merciless murder, but somewhere still a bit of conscience and “bored” of murder. Barry Seal’s character in this movie too, perhaps in addition to the heroic type “American symbol”, this type of character is “weigh and measure” for him.

Tom Cruise certainly could not be as agile and youthful as when he was in Top Gun, but at the age of 55 people still see in him a portrait of Barry Seal with energy, ambition, and cunning. It’s been a while before audiences have seen such a memorable Cruise on-screen (try to forget The Mummy) at least after Edge of Tomorrow and Doug Liman.

He frantically ran back and forth to maintain his huge money-making machine, confronted smugglers with a pinch of Spanish, quietly tossed a pile of money in his wife’s face as he was screaming now that the future of his family was unstable, plunging the plane to the ground and “pleasing” the child’s bicycle while head to toe was covered with drug powder.

Barry Seal does not fall into the loop of an upright heroic model that plagued the American patriotism era. More precisely, this is a ruthless anti-hero that has built an empire between the lines, on the one hand, starving US law enforcement agencies and on the other by cold-blooded criminals. Cruise’s Barry Seal has the appeal of an intelligent and humble ruse who admits he’s just “a foreign guy who delivers on time”.

Other characters do not have much land in the movie like Barry Seal’s wife (Sarah Wright), or CIA intelligence officer Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson). The progress of the film passed quite quickly. It is understandable that in fact, at the time of his arrest in March 1984, Barry Seal made 100 deliveries worth an estimated 3 to 5 billion USD into the United States, more than any smuggler. any in American history ever. So it is difficult to tell all the “victories” of Barry Seal this period in a movie about two hours duration.

Direction and Visual Effects

For American Made, director Doug Liman and screenwriter Gary Spinelli use the familiar materials that Martin Scorsese used to be a master of Goodfellas: retro palettes, rock-and-roll tones to express the drama of the mix. “breaking the rule”.

Viewers also caught a hand-held camera narrative style of narrative that was intended to remind Adam McKay’s The Big Short. It’s a very American movie about a man’s dream of achieving all he wants, alongside a hot blonde beauty (Sarah Wright) as shown in Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby.

The content

American Made also includes a few interesting details expressing the author’s satirical views on American politics and history that will make nostalgic people laugh. Unfortunately, the supporting character line includes the trio Jorge Ochoa, Carlos Leonard and Pablo Escobar, his wife Lucy, and agent Schafer (Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson has a movie with a perfect American accent), brother The construction of JB’s god-in-law against JB was sketchy.


It can be said that American Made is an entertaining movie that is enough, not too deep for the audience to understand the motives of this special man in history, but with a satisfying laugh. It’s crazy, yes, but it lacks the realism of a “true story” movie because after all, we are watching a life story of a real person in history.

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