America Psycho presents you the review of an awesome thriller, crime blockbuster featuring Christian Bale as the main actor: American Psycho

Movie Introduction

Looking for an entertaining slasher movie, but the storyline still has depth, and comes with an unexpected ending? You should check out American Psycho.

This film is one of the representative representatives in combining horror and psychology while still conveying deep philosophies.

An indispensable factor that has brought success to the film is Christian Bale, a face that most audiences know through three parts of The Dark Knight.

Christian Bale’s success comes from his ability to carry psychological burdens with serious hard work to prepare for the role. And American Psycho is one of the most notable milestones in his career.

Besides, the film also has the participation of Jared Leto – a handsome and multi-talented actor. Surely anyone who has seen Suicide Squad has heard of this name. I will talk about him more in the article Mr. Nobody, a movie I highly appreciate.

Returning to American Psycho, the film revolves around the glamorous life of American bosses. The central character is Patrick Bateman – a guy with a polite, dashing appearance but inside is full of jealousy, petty calculations.

Bateman lives in a luxury apartment, owns a desirable property but he always seems dissatisfied with those around him.

His illness grew more and more when he started killing colleagues, some girls, and even people who didn’t know it for some bad reason.

Overall, American Psycho is a movie worth watching, but there are also a few minus points that I will mention below.

Follow the flow of the movie, an unexpected ending awaits you at the end. Remember to read it after finishing it.

However, since the two different aspects have to be reconciled, this movie may be relatively difficult to watch for many audiences. So please consider it.

Film commentary

The meaning of this film has some similarities with Fight Club, both of which criticize the fake sheath of modern human-made society. We refine our glamorous appearance every day and forget our inner core values.

But Fight Club’s plot twist is more impressive and easier to understand when there is a clear explanation segment to the viewer, the rest of us are simply gasped.

With American Psycho, the filmmaker has too focused on the philosophies and inner emotions of the character, leading to a hasty, patchy ending of the film. Those who watch without paying attention probably do not know whether Bateman actually killed people.

I think they can completely alternate some of Bateman’s fantasy killing scenes into his confession at the end of the movie, so the ending will be much more convincing and easier to imagine. If this part is completed, I believe the movie will be appreciated more.

The film respects the male chief way of life with the commitment of a fetishist. There is where a gathering of financial specialists think about their business cards, examining the phrasing, paper thickness, complete the process of, decorating, etching and typefaces, and they should examine their phalli. Their sexual instability is showed as card envy. They carry on horrid competitions communicated in garments, workplaces, pay rates, and having the option to get great tables in significant cafés. It is their uncomfortable mystery that they bring in enough cash to bear to look significant, yet are not significant. One of the film’s running jokes is that Bateman looks such a lot of like one of his partners (Jared Leto) that they are confused with one another. (Their appearances aren’t actually indistinguishable, yet they consume void space similarly.) 

The film and the book are infamous on the grounds that Bateman kills many individuals nastily. I have caught banters about whether a portion of the homicides is dreams. The capacity of the homicides is to make noticeable the craze of the regional male when his will is baffled. The film gives shape and structure to street rage, fairway rage, family misuse, and a portion of the more unnerving personal conduct standards of avid supporters.

However, there is a short episode at the beginning of the movie that if you pay attention, everything will be imagined by Bateman, that is when he insults the bar waitress. He spoke loudly but the girl didn’t seem to hear anything. Furthermore, this passage is reflected through a mirror. Perhaps this is a small suggestion from the director.

In terms of acting, Bale’s solo performance was too much for him to get an Oscar nomination for this film, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Excellent character expression, looks very suitable for neglected eyes, emaciated face, a shiny complexion that increases the morbidity of the role.

Bale has always proven he is a potential candidate for these roles. You can check out The Machinist to see his ability to transform into a walking skeleton.

One thing I noticed and wondered is why Bale’s face in this movie is so fluffy, looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young, even though his weight hasn’t changed much compared to Batman Begins.

The scenes of killing and gore in American Psycho are relatively many. However, the movie is not a pure slasher because the moments of the victim’s death are changed scenes, except for blood and gore, you will see nothing else. So the horror is more or less reduced.

Character creation in the movie is refined. You will see that Bateman and his friends are very luxurious, with shiny hair, dressed in elegant suits.

This is also one of the reasons that led to Bateman’s rebellion, he wanted to stand out among the countless numbers of people who were all the same.

The above are my comments and feelings about American Psycho, a movie that can be considered quite picky to viewers but it will be very good if you take the time to contemplate it.

If you are interested in this movie then you should check out Fight Club, Identity, or The Prestige. These are all very popular psychological dramas, especially with extremely impressive endings.

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