Alice In Wonderland (2010)

Alice in Wonderland is a famous adventure story that has accompanied the childhood of many generations for over 100 years. The work has been adapted into many films, including the animated film about Wonderland by Walt Disney, born in 1951. In 2010, Wonderland Wonderland was once again living. with 3D technology in the film Alice in Wonderland by famous director Tim Burton.


Alice in Wonderland is not based on the original but a sequel to the Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass plot. Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) at this time has become a beautiful 19-year-old girl but still childish, stubborn. One day, Alice attended a party without expecting it to be her engagement party to a foolish nobleman that her mother and sister arranged. Encountered by a dilemma, Alice runs away after a white rabbit in a vest holding a pocket watch.

Alice falls into a rabbit hole and returns to the fairytale world that Alice once set foot in. Here, she begins a new journey and is reunited with old friends like Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), Dormouse chipmunk, Tweedledee twins – Tweedledum, Absolem moth, Mc Twisp White Rabbit and special is the Cheshire cat that suddenly appeared. However, Alice has no memories of this place anymore, old friends also assert that she is not the Alice they knew 10 years ago. The fairy world is gradually tinged with dark colors by the evil rule of the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). And it is Alice who will save everything, return peace to this magical land …

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has a simple, easy-to-understand, and common content: the hero stands up against evil and returns peace to a land. However, the techniques and images, and details of the land deep in the ground attract viewers more. Tim Burton’s Wonderland is really a land called Underland, a land of bright colors mixed with misty, ghostly shades. Made with 3D technology, although not perfect, the scene in Underland shows up very majestic, mysterious, and full of charm, enough to attract viewers. In addition, the shape of the monstrous Mad Hatter character, the graceful White Queen (Anne Hathaway), especially the Red Queen with a head that is 3 times larger than normal and her high-pitched voice, is extremely impressive and unique.

Two opposite worlds

In the real world where Alice lives, everything has to follow the norm, whether people like it or not. From the hairstyle, the outfit, to the dances, all must follow the principle. Even the future married life is not decided by myself. In that world, dreamers would be called insane.

Meanwhile, Wonderland is an underground world with colors, spooky scenes, and crazy things that are only imaginative. Alice thinks that the world is just her dream and not real. That Underland world had a white rabbit in a vest, a human-sized cake and drink, a cat floating and disappearing, a blue caterpillar, a queen with big heads, there’s an army of cards, … But in that crazy place, Alice can let her hair down and wear comfortable, fitting dresses. In that place, everyone can dance special dances like no other. And in that world, what they do is their own choice; as the White Queen said to Alice: “You should not only live for others, everything is up to you.”

The two worlds, the real world, and Wonderland are, after all, two completely opposite worlds. A world is “real”, a world is only in imagination. A “standard” world and a “crazy” world … But when the film finally closes, you will have to wonder what is the “real” world, what is the “virtual” world? Is it that where people only obey the “norms” is the delusion, the madness?

In addition, the details of the Red Queen and the White Queen competing for the throne are also unique detail. The castle that the Red Queen governs as well as the Queen’s courtiers symbolize falsehoods. On the contrary, the White Queen and her courtiers represent kindness, gentleness, and sincerity. The detail that the Red Queen lost her throne implies that false and fake things must be overthrown and not be allowed to rule the world. This somewhat refers to the real world of Alice, where the “norms” more or less lead to false, fake things. Those delusional “norms” need to be eliminated.

Journey to find herself and change the world

Alice falls into a rabbit hole and gets lost in Wonderland. But it is the lost trip that leads Alice back to the real world, change her life, and help Alice become the person she wants.

In both worlds, Alice is thrust into unexpected and awkward situations. In the real world, she was forced by her mother and sister to marry the idiot Hamish. In Underland, she was forced to become a brave man to save the land from The Red Queen’s rule. Faced with these two situations, Alice runs away. But, in Underland, after talking to Absolem, she realized many important things. Alice bravely confronts the Jabberwocky dragon alone, as well as having the courage to recognize who she is, brave enough to face the situation alone in the real world. Eventually, Alice saves the Underland land, changes her life, and places the first bricks on her way to changing the world she lives in. “Sometimes, the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it’s feasible.” Alice, like her father, will be the one who turns the seemingly impossible strange things into reality and surely nothing can get her back on her.

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