The Aladdin 2019 movie was not expected to be good, but went to see it and then found it really incredibly attractive with very vivid scenes, dances and soundtracks are charming but modern things for this live-action version, although the plot is based on the original animated film produced in 1992. 

The story of Aladdin 2019

The story still tells about Aladdin (Mena Massoud), a thief with a number of cheeks in the city of Agrabah, Saudi Arabia. Arabic. After a meeting, he secretly fell in love with Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) of the kingdom. A stroke of bad luck is also a fortune that makes Aladdin get the help of Genie Genie, Aladdin then becomes Prince to appear royal at the palace to marry Princess Jasmine.

However, the greatest enemy – Prime Minister Jafar was always willing to take the magic lamp that Aladdin possessed because this magical power could serve his wishes. How will Aladdin overcome these thorny challenges?

Aladdin 2019 Review

The script is taken from John Musker’s 1992 original animated film which is already classic, so the story in Aladdin 2019 is not much new. The frame of the story remains the same as the old characters. What’s new about this live-action, however, is the way the editing and the details are fun and what’s important is the way a movie does, with a cinematic feel in it.

Adapting from the original animated film is certainly not an easy thing because it is unnecessary and difficult to compare the two versions. Robin Williams as Shen Lamp is an eternal and hard to replace monument, 1992’s Aladdin or Jasmine also has distinct personalities.

One of the key factors in the anime’s success is the musical element. The director and the producer have tried to build and add salt sauce more or less to make the 2019 Aladdin movie more like an independent movie, more separate, not simply copying the original plot.

Movie Aladdin 2019 still retains the main music from the animated version. Classic original music remixed for trendy, a number of new songs Aladdin or Jasmine also performed.

This new soundtrack does not bring much influence from Arab culture anymore, it is a mixture of Indian, Iranian, Turkish culture … but has mixed elements between modern and traditional, fake thought and reality. King Sultan in the movie Aladdin 2019 is no longer a fat, round and lovely character, many details are remade look very new.

Building a world of extravagance, splendor, and attention to lavish details is definitely the strength of director Ritchie. The city of Agrabah comes alive like paradise, full of breath.

Gemma Jackson (production designer on Game Game of Thrones) perfectly combines the realism of scenes with vivid fairytale colors to create a world that’s truly different, tangible, and reality. A sense of an Agrabah that is more different than ever.

Disney this time has succeeded in building very good characters, especially with Goddess and Jasmine, the Aladdin character is okay, but the villain Jafar completely failed.

To say no exaggeration, Will Smith created is a new and successful version of Shen Lamp. Still talkative, bringing smiling generals with fun, humor, but not the same as the previous version of Than Lamp. With Aladdin, “this couple is a comedy” for the whole film, making the audience only have a bright feeling.

Through Naomi Scott’s acting, Jasmine is not like the character princess before. Naomi Scott’s Jasmine shows her charm through her looks. She looks deep, tough, and pompous, so the gentle and intelligent Jasmine. Jasmine’s character in this movie Aladdin 2019 is built on the model “feminist” that Disney is very important.

Aladdin was portrayed by Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud, choosing such a character suit when he looks very much like a native. Mena Massoud is the main actor, but the acting is not as good as Naomi Scott or Will Smith. Just like joining a team with Than Lamp or Jasmine, his battles can make his own impression.

The front faction seems to be very good, the villain is too bad for Jafar. The movie should be great and unpredictable with a more dangerous villain, but in the 2019 Aladdin movie appears as a handsome prince, the cunning and cunning characters become much less. Marwan Kenzari faded in the role of Jafar next to his entourage is the parrot Lago, which left more impression on this parrot.

Not becoming an evil sorcerer, Jafar is built as a character who unleashes Agrabah’s power and power for personal gain.


In short, the Aladdin 2019 live-action version is only temporary if it is entertaining. There aren’t many climaxes or dramas because we probably already have some guesses on the details. But this is also a movie worth watching. This is definitely a very good dish for young people, especially children who love fairy tales or fake dialogue. A whole mysterious universe is waiting for us.

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