Ad Astra

Here are the summary and analysis by about the movie Ad Astra – A cinematic blockbuster on the subject of space.

The beautiful spaceship soars into deep space on a mission to save the Earth, trapped in the endless abyss. The images reflected beautifully through the glass compartment of the astronaut’s hat.

We have seen these familiar images, somewhere even in the most classic films on the subject of space. But in Ad Astra, the latest movie from director James Gray, it’s not like that. 

The Plot

Ad Astra brings a simple story set in a real future with twists and evolutions that create a completely new feeling without losing the main character lines or the meaning it wants to convey. . Ad Astra is one of the super products of the theme Space.

Brad Pitt plays Roy McBride, a very capable, energetic astronaut. Roy is the son of the most famous astronaut of all time, Clifford McBride (played by Tommy Lee Jones). Decades ago, his father in a space flight hoping to find intelligent extraterrestrial life has never returned. Roy follows his father’s path and becomes a space explorer. One day, he finds himself in a situation where he decides to set out to find out what happened to his father.

Analysis of the Plot

Script written by Gray and Ethan Gross, Ad Astra takes place in the ‘near future’. When you could buy a ticket to travel to the Moon, there was an outpost to settle on Mars and a US government agency called Space Command was tasked with operating and searching for intelligent life.  Ad Astra envisions a future that is both possible and unbelievable. The scene where Roy is anchored to an alien exploration space station right from the Earth’s atmosphere is an example. The moon is habitable and is a tourist attraction. This is also a war zone between countries on Earth fighting for land, pirates, looting valuable objects. And instead of taking Mars or any planet that cannot measure distances in the infinite cosmos as the ultimate target, Ad Astra uses Neptune as the target. A planet in the solar system, but billions of miles away from us. The planet is far enough away to feel fresh but close enough to feel plausible, like this movie itself.

Moon pirate action scenes, a search for extraterrestrial life, choose a planet that most space movies ignore, all making Ad Astra unpredictable and charismatic. Some other examples show a cool approach to space like what happens when Roy finds an abandoned ship or how he leaves Mars.

Every action scene in the movie seems to be inspired by a classic movie. First Point Break, Mad Max, followed by Indiana Jones, then 2001. However, to add a unique touch, all scenes have a high octane rating (a standard measure of engine or fuel performance. aviation) that is stimulating because they are always seen from Roy’s point of view, always very gentle and relieved. The combination of the ‘wow’ scenes with the background elements and characters is also a way to help Ad Astra create a unique highlight.

Leading most of the film’s circuit is Roy, a complex but engaging character and Brad Pitt plays perfectly. In the toughest of situations, Roy is cold, devoid of humanity – which is typical for most of the film. But so we can understand Roy’s mental and emotional state when he lost his father at a very young age and his dedication to his work ruined his life. Inside, Roy is a traumatized person, but on the outside, he is always calm and collected. What a fascinating ‘alchemy’, just like the movie Ad Astra.

Ad Astra is completely focused on Roy, doesn’t exploit any other characters. Liv Tyler has a line or two as Roy’s fiancé. Ruth Negga, the head of the Martian base is also a very interesting character and you will want a movie for her. However, she is merely a ‘link’ that highlights Roy’s story. Most of the other characters are the same. You would wish there were more characters in the movie, but in the end, the complexity of Roy was more than enough.

Ad Astra is a bit ‘harrowing’ by giving too few clues about the final message the film wants to convey. Gray obviously wanted to take the audience on an endless space adventure from the start. Roy’s detailed account, as well as regular psychological tests, make Gray’s intentions clear. Yet, throughout the film, a large series of themes easily get lost in the narrative. At the climax, Gray’s ideas are clearly spoken out loud, as if they have been resolved, but not in reality.

Although the balance between emotion, action, and plot may not seem perfect, Ad Astra still keeps you from thinking about it. Roy was more than he expected on his father’s journey to find his father, and the touching moments played quietly and quietly. However, such moments are not suitable for wild action scenes like Ad Astra but in return, the movie stimulates thinking and leaves many mixed emotions in the audience. Ad Astra is a bit off-balance at the last minute, making us both excited and pondered about their knots and their meaning.

These days, movies with the theme of space are so popular that you will see something like Ad Astra. All familiar elements, well-exploited are present in this movie but shown from the perspective of a completely new space adventure. The action is very intense but realistic. The characters create a provocative atmosphere and lead the film’s circuit. The film’s message has a big impact. Ad Astra is a stellar film, inspiring and entertaining.

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