Today, Moviereviews.to will deliver you the summary and the evaluation of “Abominable” – by two directors: Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman, the movie brings us to a sweet cartoon story about a teenage girl and a friendly “yeti” on his journey to Mount Everest.

Although the graphic technique created floral breezes and the scene of riding on a giant dandelion tree, the film lacked the personality to differentiate it from other high-end animated series ever produced.

As a collaborative product with China’s Pearl Studio company, clearly the character creation and setting are designed to appeal to the largest international audience possible, the details must be as original and genuine as possible

Movie plot of Abominable

The film opens with the appearance of a not-scary yeti (Snowman) who is cute, cheerful, looking to escape captivity in a Chinese city and find his way to a rooftop terrace where Yeti encounters Yi (Chloe Bennet) who is a strong girl, doing odd jobs in order to save money for taking a cross-country trip she plans to go with her father who passed away.

Realizing that the creature was not only harmless but wounded, Yi healed its wounds, giving it the name Everest. Then, Yi and two neighbors, boy Peng (Albert Tsai) and Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) together plan to bring Everest back to reunite him with his family.

Movie Review

Yi could look like any ordinary Chinese teenager on the streets of Shanghai. But probably not looking normal, Yi is aggressive like a responsible, thoughtful person before his age. When the other kids take the summer off looking for fun, play, and take a selfie, Yi spends the day working like crazy for every yuan he can.

She babysits, takes her dog for a walk, takes out the trash, takes any odd jobs she can. Although she keeps her income a secret, not letting her mother and grandmother know how hard she works, Yi hopes to earn enough money to make a trip across China.

Yi’s father often told her that one day he would take her as a companion on an adventure like that. He even collected little postcards of all the places he wanted the two of us to visit together. It was a wonderful thing they both dreamed of doing. But then he left suddenly.

The man Yi treasured the most, suddenly passed away. It felt as if everything of value in Yi’s life was dead. But the dream of the trip, it was still alive, lingered in her subconscious. And Yi was determined to make it happen.

Then something surprising happened: Yi found a young Yeti “snowman” on the roof of her apartment building. She doesn’t know what it really is but soon realizes this strange creature.

Some mythical creatures that reappear on your roof in Shanghai are crazy, aren’t they? It turns out it escaped from a nearby lab owned by an eccentric billionaire named Burnish. And that explorer and businessman wanted to capture this large fur to prove that he had seen such a creature years before climbing Mt. Everest. (Looks like the script is quite similar to 2009’s Up, right?)

Then this billionaire Burnish and his right arm – Dr. Zara was quietly watching to grab Everest. Many difficulties happened in the journey of young people. Then, Yi realizes what is important for her right now and why she puts her dreams aside to help this defenseless creature: She will protect Everest and help it returned to Mt. Everest.

Everest is huge, but this Yeti has a personality just like a child. Everest lost his family, the people “he” loved most. And as Yi knew very well, this was a terrible thing for a child.

Good points in Abominable

Along the way, Yi realized that the path they were taking through China was almost exactly the one her father wanted to take. And adventure helps Yi not only connect with his father’s memories but also find a sense of healing through sharing his own pain and loss with friends. Finally, the series subtly highlights the importance of friends and family as they seek to overcome loss and deep personal grief and isolation. And the two were overjoyed when Yi returned home with open arms after her adventure.

A character “especially selfish” after having had overwhelming experiences after witnessing beautiful and magical things.

Hidden secrets in Abominable

It turns out that Yeti – Everest, has the magical ability to mysteriously associate with its relationship with nature. By humming low notes, Everest is able to perform “miraculous” actions on what we might call natural magic, like planting giant blueberries, stirring up massive storms. and turn a field of flowers into an ocean-like wave.

That magical ability was also given to Yi at a time. Early on, she lied to her mother, saying that she sold the violin to her father. However, Nextphim saw that the actual instrument was hidden and Yi reserved playing it as a kind of almost spiritual communion between her and her deceased father. Later, that violin was accidentally broken and repaired by Everest through his own magical hair.

Yi then played the violin at a giant mountain Buddha shrine that her father always wanted her to see. Beautiful sounds were played, miraculous flowers bloomed, (thanks to the Yeti hairs) symbolically symbolizing Yi’s loss, grief in a certain sense, and it needs spiritual healing. Yi also used the violin to create powerful magic in moments of need and danger.

Jin is obsessed with technology (specifically his smartphone) and social media, and at first, he insisted on unbelievable the existence of any element of magic. any spirituality in the world. After he saw many miracles happening, inexplicable, and then of course his opinion changed.

In the movie’s post-credits section, there is a photo of Yi, her mother, and Nai Nai visiting the giant Buddha statue one day later. (That said, the film never explores any aspect of Buddhist religion other than focusing on that image.)

Peng looks up into the sky and says that he is told that the stars represent dead ancestors. (Yi then looked up because he saw a particular star sparkle, perhaps a reference to her father watching her from above.) Peng also made a wish on a dandelion.


In general, the audience will see a large furry animal with its long tongue and a silly smile when going to watch.

But underneath the funny elements, especially young people, we follow Yi’s progression, then the effects of pain on a child. Abominable gives a glimpse of great loss that can make a person bury their emotions.

After her father’s death, Yi turned away from loved ones by herself and hid the things she cared about most. But in her determination to bring her new best friend back to her family, to a safe place, suddenly becomes a cure for Yi to return to the important people and things in her life.

This is definitely a family movie worth watching over the weekend.

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