A Star Is Born

Moviereviews.to wants to review the movie A Star is born with a light ballad about a love story that is not perfect, a love song written in progress. The film touches the heart.

If you like romantic movies, like gentle ballads, A Star is born movie is the work for you. Unfortunately, it’s an imperfect love story, an unfinished love song.

The Plot

The story begins when Jack – a famous singer – meets Ally after his concert in an LGBT bar. Jack quickly became attracted to Ally’s natural voice. He made an appointment with her after the show, they went together all night, and Jack discovered Ally’s talent, composing ability. Ally’s life changed after just one night, Jack brought her on stage with the very song she composed, she shone and gradually became a famous star. As Ally progressed to the top of his career, Jack’s career gradually deteriorated due to Jack’s ear disease, as well as his alcoholism to hide a traumatic past. Like a changing star, Ally is like a new star shining with the prestigious Grammy gold statue, and Jack – a once-lost star, the distance between Ally and Jack is getting further and further and comes to a painful end.


It would be futile if I wrote here winged words for Lady Gaga’s Oscar-nominated acting, but really, Ally’s character is just too outstanding. Lady Gaga fully expressed Ally’s moods and feelings, from the moment she was depressed at the restaurant she worked at, the stuffiness in her house, and the thrill of being on stage for the first time.

The most attractive part of the movie is not to mention the music, the sweet ballads are shown by the combination of the husky but powerful voice of Lady Gaga and the warmth of Bradley Cooper. A friend of mine who studies at the Conservatory in London said that the peak of a singer is that when they sing, you feel like they’re talking. Right from the beginning of the movie, every sentence from the song Maybe, Shallow and Always Remember us this way is filled with emotion and charm.

The two souls are in harmony with the deep love songs, making their love very quickly and deeply. Each video, when Jack and Ally side by side on stage, composing and singing together is beautiful footage of youth, dreams, and love. The most romantic scene in the movie is when Jack cuts a piece of a Ghita string and makes a ring to propose to Ally in the presence of his friends. But while watching, after those happy moments, it’s strange that I always feel like a sad story is about to hit the peaceful days of the young couple. Besides, after the aura of a star, Jack seems to be alone with the darkness that gradually invades his life.

Indeed, the movie A Star Is Born is only beautiful in the first half. To me, the beautiful scenes of A Star Is Born have ended from the last stage where they stood together, Ally sang the song:

“When the sun goes down

and the band won’t play, 

I’ill always Remember Us This Way”

with the cheers of the audience. Then somehow, the more I came back after watching, the more uncomfortable it became.

It would be very happy if you have someone who loves and supports you, but never loves a guy like Jack.

Is that called love? When Jack proposed to Ally when he was not ready to let her enter his inner world. Is that just a bond for Ally? Jack is still alone, holding his sad past, humiliating Ally over and over again. As Ally became increasingly busy with the new schedule, he showed contempt. When Ally received a Grammy nomination, many people congratulated her, and he came home from alcoholism, scorned her, by igniting an argument. And at the moment Ally shines the most brightly, holding the prestigious golden statue, something an artist’s whole life longed for, that moment of Ally was not complete by her husband – whom she just thanked. with all sincerity, getting drunk on stage destroyed that moment.

One can blame it on Ally’s change in popularity, but what’s wrong with she’s just going the steps to the top of her own career, she’s talented and she’s entitled to shine. Jack gives himself the right to silence Ally so that Ally doesn’t have to worry, but is Ally happy to see him puffing, “fucking” in every sentence he tells her, humiliating her by millions and not even She also praised her as beautiful as before. 

I saw Ally trying to endure and somehow the man who was sweet to her turned like that, she experienced humiliation, disappointment without a word of resentment. Ally tried to be as patient as she could, so that every time she quarreled, she would only receive an apology and forgiveness without knowing what was really happening to her husband. 

Ally also canceled the tour just to stay with Jack. Ally resolutely invites him to appear in his show, leaving him to shine brightly in front of millions of spectators, so that they can sing “Shallow” together like before. Since it was he who brought her onstage, now she needed to bring him back to that spotlight.

And Jack responded to that love like? He swallowed his promise, let her rush in the show still have to wait for him to appear, and then sit alone in the middle of the stage like a lonely star. Isn’t that action too much? After him, the sparkling limelight Ally returned home and knew who she loved more than all she had left her, not a goodbye. Is that love? He thought he left so that he wouldn’t be a burden to her, but on the contrary, leaving that way he left her a void that haunts her for the rest of her life. He thought that she would be happy? He pulled her into the sky and left her in the middle of the sky. Jack, you do that selfishly.

Looking at Jack, I feel both pitiful and deplorable. During the A Star is Born videos, I always try to wait for Jack’s opening, a word for Ally to understand, for her to share with him. Although the light of his career is fading, even if he decides to leave, Ally will not feel such a great disappointment because they have shared all the joys and sorrows. Ally wouldn’t have to endure the times he made her sad for no reason, and they would leave each other’s best, most brilliant moments of life: Singing Shallow together on stage, composing together, singing together, raising the Grammy golden statue. Because the man she loves is not the star on the stage but the simple man who loves her with sincere love, and the only person who sees her beauty.

“When you look at me

And the whole world fades

I’ll remember us this way “


“A Star is Born” conveys two of the most critical of the year. It’s a film that trusts in the intensity of a tune to interface with its audience in a manner that can transform them. What’s more, it will be a cherished bit of work for the individuals who trust in it as well.

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