A Quiet Place

This is Moviereviews.to’s assessment of the movie: A Quiet Place. Although the situation in theaters was not favorable when it was overwhelmed by the noise of the blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War”, but it was the thorny silence of “A Quiet Place” that impressed all the audience in the cinema.

At first glance, its title “A Quiet Place” or its Vietnamese title “Silent Land” hardly impresses many people, but if you have had the opportunity to watch this movie, most viewers will appreciate what the movie did. Contrary to the hustle and bustle of the Avengers superheroes, “A Quiet Place” is probably also one of the fantasy films with the least lines of dialogue, with each actor in the movie probably opening their mouths completely. more than 10 lines …

Reportedly, the film starred Michael Bay as a co-producer, but this is not a movie “devastating” and cost money like the Transformer series that he directed. In contrast, the film only invested only 21 million USD, but as of May 2, 2018, “A Quiet Place” has earned up to 241 million USD at the box office around the world.

Simple story

If you have to live in a place of complete silence, where any noise you make – whether words or simply dropping a glass – comes at the cost of your life, you will have to what? That’s also the main idea of ​​the movie …

Set in the future hypothesis, when the earth is invaded by alien monsters and pushes people to the brink of destruction. These monsters are described as a three-layer armor species, blind but extremely sensitive to sound, they will attack and eat anything that makes sounds, causing humans to soon stand in front of them. doomsday threshold.

In that scene, couple Lee Abbott and Evelyn Abbott (played by the film’s director John Krasinski and his wife actor Emily Blunt) and their three children had to learn to survive by always. keep silent. They must learn to communicate with the mute and learn to live in silence.

However, a new factor suddenly appeared that upset their plan of survival. It is the wife’s pregnancy and what must Lee do to protect his family when an infant is about to cry is born in a space of deadly silence?

Actually, the concept of the film is not too new, the idea of ​​a similar invading monster has been in the Cloverfield series including “Cloverfield” (2008), “10 Cloverfield Lane” (2016), or recently a hit movie. According to Netflix, “The Cloverfield Paradox” (2018), in addition to the “The Mist” (2007) and TV series of the same name just released in 2017. The common point of these movies lies in the create extreme scare for viewers of unknown but very dangerous threats, using fictitious scenes of the presence of monsters from where you don’t clearly come from and how suddenly pushes people into a poor life and must fight for survival. Or can also be associated with the crime/thriller movie “Don’t Breathe”  released in 2016.

However, what “A Quiet Place” exploits and shows better than the above-mentioned films, perhaps partly thanks to the focus on exploiting the idyllic situations surrounding the daily life of a typical family, instead of trying to create trivial hit-and-miss dramatic scenes the way cheap horror movies do.

The attraction comes from silence

Imagine, when your houses, streets, and lands you pass through are abandoned and immersed in silence, except for the sound of the wind blowing as well as the sounds of nature, pulses. there is only a deathly silence around you. The Abbott family is quietly and holding their breath as they weave into an abandoned supermarket searching for pills and living supplies to bring with them to their survival. Any act of carelessness has to pay the price of life because monsters of unknown shape suddenly jump to “eat” the victims.

You will not have the opportunity to see as many action scenes or “running wild” before the banishment of monsters like other movies, instead of the loneliness of members of the Abbott family on the journey of survival. of them, because humans and all animals living on earth are almost dead now. Fear gradually invades viewers through the deadly silent atmosphere in the movie, each movement of the characters in the movie can suddenly generate unintended sounds and make viewers. must hold your breath with the character. It’s also a movie that uses almost no music to guide the story, except for a few songs when the character is wearing headphones.

In addition, “A Quiet Place” is also a film that uses very little character lines, the scenes will only revolve around Abbott family members only. Even the monster scenes were to a minimum, and the movie did not abuse the narrative about life before the invasion of monsters.

It is the removal of all the familiar narrative elements of cinema (music and narrative scenes, cheap guest situations …) that makes the film closer to the daily life around you. , you will have the opportunity to hear each character’s breathing as well as the sounds of daily activities they emit. Throughout the film, there will be only a few minutes of dialogue, the rest will be only communication gestures and subtitles interpreting that gesture. It is the silence in the movie scene and the silence of the movie itself that attracts viewers, that you will have the opportunity to see many viewers holding their breath and watching without daring to eat popcorn.

A movie with a good acting

As mentioned above, the film is directed by John Krasinski and the couple, so it makes the most of the Abbott couple’s acting chemistry in the film. While the child actors have also successfully completed their roles as the Abbott children. You will see how Marcus (Noah Jupe) faced his fear when he and his father go out to find food, the boy’s improvisation is very natural like many other children in real life.

While the taciturn sister Regan (Millicent Simmonds) sometimes makes viewers both angry and hurt, and the short role of child actor Cade Woodward as the youngest brother Beau created the opening could not be more devastating. . Throughout the film, the austere face of the actor and director John Krasinski as the husband has captured the hearts of viewers. See when he proudly saved his child or regretted how he thought he lost his child, as well as his hardened eyes at that painful situation …

Besides the horror and thrilling elements of the film, the script of “A Quiet Place” also incorporates the family relationship with the invisible bond of the Abbott members. They are the love of husband and wife, motherhood, paternity, sibling relationship, and their noble sacrifice for the rest of the family. The filmmakers have excelled in bringing this relationship into the film while keeping the story natural, not too forced as some other films.

The picture and sound are ordinary

At first glance, it seems contradictory, but it is the norm that has helped viewers focus on the storyline and acting of the film, instead of being overwhelmed by the sound and visual effects like many other blockbusters. With that said, the film has almost no musical involvement, and when the little music plays, often accompanied by the viewer’s breathlessness or death in the film. Movie silence is not absolute silence, all sound in movies is mostly natural and man-made sounds. For a long time, that deadly silence was torn apart by the carelessness of the child members of the family, even a broken lamp made viewers heartbeat and silently waited for the end of the character. … That repeated intimidation was not boring, but it created an atmosphere of suspense and fear that enveloped the theater, to the point that sometimes an audience in the theater accidentally made noise. enough to startle viewers in theaters …

The film also uses a simple setting with rather dark colors of the post-apocalypse, only a few scenes shot outside and all large wilderness fields. The rest of the film takes place in the Abbott family’s home, for the most part. Similar to “The Mint”, “Don’t Breathe” or the “Cloverfield” series, “A Quiet Place” is completely excelling at “confining characters into a limited context”, turning their whereabouts into a miniature prison, creating horror sensations that swirl into viewers’ fears without much change the context, as well as the use of many actors, often abuses techniques/sounds.

When you finish watching “A Quiet Place”, you will probably wonder with a simple script and a not so fussy background, how many filmmakers have created such a popular work? Especially for Vietnamese filmmakers, which often only blame money.

There are still regrets …

Although it excelled at attracting viewers to hold their breath from beginning to end, “A Quiet Place” still left a grain of grief/regret that was not worth it. The film has a quick, no-frills narrative show, but still has all the necessary elements and details. The film is then accelerated and gradually pushes the characters into choking situations. When it reached the climax of the end of the movie, the screen went off and the audience knew the movie was over. A little bit disappointed when their climax is “unplugged” suddenly, not to mention the simple solution at the end of the film that makes viewers feel not really convinced.

Putting aside all these regrets, “A Quiet Place” deserves to be one of the best movies in April and early May

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