A Dog’s Way Home

The real feeling of Moviereviews.to when watching Puppies’ Way – A dog’s way home is like watching a cartoon, very cute and interesting. Let’s review the movie about this adorable pet dog and see if you should go see it?

A Dog’s Way Home’s movie is adapted from the novel of the same name in the trilogy of famous novels based on the themes of dogs by author W. Bruce Cameron. The film is led by director Charles Martin Smith who has been successful in many other animal-themed works such as Dolphin Tale, Air Bud, …

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True to the name of the movie, The Puppy Return Road takes viewers to follow Bella’s foot to a familiar home where she grew up with her handsome boss in a place 600 km away. Bella sees Lucas as destiny and decides this will be her owner. Bella’s life (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard) thought it would be forever peaceful, but an event that made Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King) struggled to let Bella escape in a distant city. Bella couldn’t be far from her employer and she decided: to go home, to see Lucas again. So a long journey and countless hardships of Bella began. Finally, after many years in exile, Bella found her way home, found her beloved Lucas, found a true family for her. 


As mentioned in the general comment about the film, Moviereviews.to feel that the puppy’s return road is cute as a cartoon movie and the truth is that there are many fathers and mothers who bring their beloved children to the cinema to see this movie. The story of the movie is very simple, almost through the trailer we have roughly grasped the main developments, although there are still some interesting places that have been hidden from the trailer. Overall, even though a child can easily follow the film’s circuit, it is not difficult to understand because there are no unexpected twists. This is a bad idea but turns out to be good. A puppy is just like a small child, they love and hate very naturally and instinctively, without calculating or complicated, everything is very simple but faithful to the front and back as one. Friendship, unconditional love is not as simple as this? The story is led from the perspective of an innocent puppy so the story is as simple as possible, as pure as possible. The filmmakers do very well, making the whole movie, even though there are sad stories, bad characters, but still unusually clear, with no gloom.

The journey to find her family is also the journey of growing Bella, from a dog that is not used to wildlife, struggling to survive and also being a mother, loving and sharing Bella gave her completely natural. She was protected by the cat’s mother in the past. The way back is very long and long, not only filled with danger but also laughter, joy, sadness, loss, luck, and unhappiness, but Bella never gives up because she knows the end of the journey will It’s Master Lucas. This beautiful story is enough to melt any audience’s hearts.

Do not expect A Dog’s Way Home to be a funny or dramatic entertaining movie, watch the movie with the spirit of someone who loves goodness, loves animals and be ready to acknowledge the hidden corners of the characters in the movie – it might be talking about you.

If you can bring your puppies to the theater, watch the movie finished, he will also carry his backpack at home and go on a trip.

The film is a work for those who love, love, and have not loved dogs and cats because once you have finished watching this movie, Moviereview.to believes that more or less you will have feelings for animals. closest to this man. Besides, the film also gives viewers an emotion that many movies can hardly do, simply because of the emotions that the film brings from the burst of happiness between Bella and the people she loves. in the reunion scene. 

Although the plot of the movie seems to lack its climax and can not bring a great and engaging experience to viewers, Moviereviews.to feels a lot of love after watching the film. 


If judging that this is the best part of the movie and also the worst part of A dog’s way home, that’s not wrong.

The art of shaping some animals and scenes is a bit fake, but in general, it does not affect the initial emotions much. In addition, the point that is both bad and good in the movie is the continuous transition and cut-off, viewers feel quite confused. The purpose of such times is to “show off” the beautiful scenes and scenes from the movie. The choice of scene and color in the film is highly appreciated, contributing greatly to the success of the film.

However, there are some segments where you will find the VFX a bit fake. This is completely understandable because it is certainly impossible in real life that filmmakers can find the “actors” as the movie mentions. 


The very ear-catching soundtrack is resonated with stunning footage in Colorado Midwestern America, making the journey home even more enjoyable. The encounters, changes, and relationships with people Bella has along the way leave stories and shed more light on the love and friendship aspects. Dogs help Bella when hungry, ready to welcome her back to the same roof, whether you just met or a good couple opening a loving embrace for Bella a new home, but for Bella, there is only one family, only one friend. eternity it has chosen. It is the love and fidelity we would have if we cherished our dog. We also witness human betrayal to Bella and even be chained to death, but through Bella’s perspective, she gently does not blame. I wish people could learn to see life-like Bella.


The puppy’s return route has a cast of both beautiful and lovely. If Bella’s storyline is very good, the cast of the characters is a bit boring. Maybe because of the focus on Bella the filmmakers abandoned Lucas’s search for a dog. In the original novel, there are two parallel searches: one of Bella’s finding his way home and the second Lucas’s going up and down looking for Bella. If the film could make these two searches meet in the film, it would have been much better and more touching. It is this orientation that makes the film easy to watch for a large audience, but it may be difficult to satisfy fastidious movie critics. Contrary to Bella’s acting, the live-action characters are only performing at a normal level, not much outstanding. These characters also do not have much land except Lucas, so most of them are just the background for the puppy Bella. The other characters in the movie are all beautiful, especially the boss Lucas and his mother. 

In short, A Dog’s Way Home is a movie that’s very cute and suitable for all ages to enjoy. This is extremely worth watching the movie with your family, especially in the upcoming holiday. However, please do not bring your pet aunts to the cinema together, the cinema simply does not allow it.

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